Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Lucas

Another year has gone by my Monkey!
You have become such a sweet, sweet boy and I hope you stay that way forever!
I know you're going to have some growing pains and try to find who you are, but I pray that little heart of your stays big.
You are so smart and talk all the time! (Just like your momma used to)
Your smile lights up an entire room in an instant and could probably cure a broken heart within seconds.

You go back and forth between your mommy and daddy and you are a very lucky boy.
They cherish you and love you more than you may ever understand.
And now there will be another little Dunn.
You get to be a big brother and I have the utmost confidence you'll do an amazing job.
I'm sure in the beginning you'll wonder why mommy and daddy spend so much time with a little one who really just eat sleeps and poops, but he or she will grow up big like you and you'll be able to talk to them and play games and share secrets.

You got to be in my wedding this year! Just a few weeks ago and I couldn't have been happier to have you a part of that.
You did so good and made everyone laugh!
You were one of the most handsome boys there and I was proud to say you were my little monkey nephew :)
I know you won't remember that much, but believe me, it'll hold a special place in my heart.

Now, mommy says you aren't to fond of the big boy potty and let me tell you buddy...
Nobody wants to sit in their own well, you know. Right?
With a sibling on the way, it's time to show them just how big a boy you can be!!

For your second birthday, me, your Uncle Matt and your cousin Nevaeh came down to celebrate with your mommy and daddy and gaga and grammy!
We had so much fun watching you play and laugh and be the silly monkey you are!
You got lots of toys and of course some boring clothes...get used to it, you'll be getting clothes the rest of your life.
I'm going to go ahead and give you your you're welcomes now :)
You're welcome!

You got a new room and a big boy bed!
You are still as obsessed with cars as anyone I've met and it is the cutest thing.
You always want one in your hand and you can barely get through a meal without one.
You eat like you are a garbage disposal and you have a belly that you'll some day grow out of and possibly get back during those college party days!

I can't wait to watch you this year and see how much more you learn.
You are a curious thing and you always like to know how things work.

You give kisses to anything and everything, almost as much as you're asked.
Sometimes you can be a bit stingy on the love, so if you can work on that this year, that'd be great. Thanks!

Here are some photos of fun you had the weekend before your birthday!

I love you monkey butt!

Your favorite auntie :)

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