Sunday, September 15, 2013


Well, the day finally came!
It all seems like a blur now...and like so long ago!
My mom and I have planned and planned and planned for so long and so hard that it's tough to take in that it's all over now!
It's a bit depressing! LOL
But, I'm excited about the future.
Here is a little recap of the day ;)
And some sneak peak pictures of course!

I must have done something right because the weather that whole week had been really nice! Not much humidity or crazy high temps and no major rain.
If you don't know, I hate, HATE hot weather and here we picked August to get married! lol
Oh well, it completely worked out in our favor.
Saturday was gorgeous! A chance of rain, but we never saw a drop and not many clouds either!!
I honestly can't remember being so happy. I just remember all day was total bliss and a bit surreal!
I was ecstatic the entire day!
An entire day surrounded by my amazing family and best of friends, laughing, getting ready, being girly, all the while walking toward my future husband, life, and family, followed by delicious food, more amazing family and friends a girl could ask for and then a honeymoon to one of most beautiful places I've seen in a while!!
Who wouldn't be completely content and happy by that??
Matthew and I chose to write our own vows (post to come soon) and I think that made it more special :)

The weather was perfect, the ceremony was perfect (minus the runner having some issues LOL)
I knew I should have just left that damn thing out all together! What a waste of $16!
It almost ripped like a bazillion times, but hey, got everyone laughing, right?
A perfect dance and reception! I mean, I honestly don't know what could have gone better!
Maybe talking to more people?
Matthew and I made our rounds and then separately I know we tried to hit all the tables, but people, I like to dance and be silly, so I think I missed a few tables, but they know I love them! :)
OH and the DJ could have talked louder to allow the entire ballroom to hear :(
I know a lot of people missed some fun stuff!
The bouquet and garter toss, the dollar dance!
Hellooo people!
Even my momma missed those!
That ain't right, but all I've heard is how much fun everyone had and that's what's important!
I just wanted a fun day to celebrate!
I wanted pretty dresses and happy faces and beautiful flowers and the atmosphere of elegance and class, with a little bit of little girl princess fun and excitement and I think I captured a good chunk of that feeling.
At least for myself and Matthew, and I hope for everyone that came.
At the end of it all we were married and that was the important thing :)

I still sit in awe of it all.
I still can't believe how blessed I am to have been able to have that wedding.
I still can't believe I deserve the family that I have, let alone the one I've know been graciously accepted into.
I truly need to be pinched and reminded that life is good.
I have the most amazing people surrounding me everyday and I really honestly don't think I can ever thank my parents enough for what they've done.
And I don't just mean for the wedding.
They bent over backwards for that, don't get me wrong.
I think I tested my mom's patience more days than I should have, but she stuck by me and did anything and everything I asked.
She brought ideas and helped lessen the load of stress, but she never judged, never questioned, never made me feel like I didn't deserve it and I know I don't.
What they've done for me I'll never be able to fully show my gratitude.
I hope one day I can show my kids even half the love my parents have for me; they'll be darn lucky...
So THANK YOU mom and dad...THANK YOU for everything you've ever done for me my whole life and continue to do daily.
I am indebted to you and you make me feel very blessed.
Even in times I'm sure I didn't show my gratitude you still gave me more than I ever deserved.

Now 'real' life starts and the past month has been pretty busy. Sorting gifts, working through time, back to work! :/ adjusting to two of us living together and just settling into a new life.
I'm excited for the future and I know I have a lot to look forward to in this life :)
I hope I can make the best of everything and just enjoy it.

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