Friday, August 2, 2013

Painting Addiction

The first time I went to a painting class was a year and a half ago...somewhere in there.
I went with my mom and one of her good friends and daughter.
Her daughter had set it up for her birthday :)
We painted coffee mugs and had a blast!

What was great about this one, if they penciled in the outline of the mugs...that helps! lol 
I have never been super creative or even that artsy. 
So this was just fun! and you know, the more I looked at it and the more it hung in my kitchen, the more I liked it ;) 
It's not perfect, it's not the best, but it's mine and it's a reflection of my vision and me and my creativity.

I honestly can't even really remember how it took off from there...
I know I wanted to do one for my mom for her birthday ;)
So. I painted a martini glass for her! 

And that may or may not have been the start to the madness. 
Shortly after that, a girl named Jill started at work.
She was in an office close to mine and we just hit if off.
She's awesome and super creative and artsy.
So we started going to painting together!
I don't remember how it started, but it's become a crazy addiction!
I've done 15 paintings in the last year? Maybe less! lol

Some I like, some I love, some I'm kind, but I still hang them! 
All but one.
It was this weird rainbow tree thing....very Tim Burton meets gay pride... I just don't like how it turn out

This one was done with Crystal and Rodney :) 

This one I am going to paint over and do a fun painsley print for Nevaeh's room. Just not excited about how this Fleur de Lis turned out...

One of my favorites :)

Started getting my mom hooked on these too!! :)

Louisville pride

Funky Peacock! lol this one was fun to do.
I did just a peacock feather one, but I can't seem to find the picture...

Another of my favorites. Almond branches.

This is one of my eh's...just OK. Don't love it, but don't hate it. Sits nicely on my bakers rack 

Went with Matt's mom and sis in-law to this one! Too fun and again, one of my top favorites :)
Looks awesome in my bathroom!

Went with my mom and Jill to this one ;) 
Looks good in my ktichen! It was just whimsical and fun.

And then I somehow find time to do some at home....
This is one I did tonight and then I did this one a few months ago.

I just love it! 
It's almost relaxing and just fun.
I can't wait to do more, but I'm going to need a bigger place! lol
I'm running out of room to hang them or I'm going to have to start framing them or giving them away! 

Eh, it's just fun. 
And something I hope to keep doing for a while ;)
I'm going to miss it for a month or so with the wedding and all! 

My name is Ashley and I'm a painting addict.... 

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