Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life in Pictures

We are all aware I've been a little lax on many interesting blogs lately...and it just doesn't look like life is slowing down enough to keep up.

BUT, I'm going to try... I want to do this. I love to do this and it's not something I'm giving up on.
I want this and in all honesty, I need it. 

So, for now, for the next couple months. bear with me.

I won't have a ton to say, I won't have the most interesting, but I am going to keep up and I am going to get my thoughts out. 
I am going to make the time. 

Clearly I have time for painting classes :)

I don't think I ever recapped out trip to Wisconsin to bury my grandmother... Lucas swimming in the pool!

I can't get enough of him! LOL

This may or may not have been consumed by 6-8 of us in one night...

Sydney's soccer game!! 

Ben and Syd playing a bee game. This are supposed to be leaves for the game lol love these kids!

Sydney, Matthew, and Rob! We were at a restaurant that they built around a tree! that's inside the building!

Monkey butt spent half a week with grammie and grandpa!

he voluntarily held my hand while we kissed his cars goodnight ;)

Max was chilling on the broken chair (thanks to Matthew!)

Quick DIY project!

And then Matthew and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past week :) But my iPhoto is being stupid and won't sync my pictures..... 

This week is looking a little more relaxed, but we all know how that goes.
Here is to starting a more consistent workout routine and getting my invitations printed!!! WOOT

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