Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FIRST Things...

And I stole this from my chica friend from work :) She's awesome and I've been too busy to even give you updates...

I have been up north in Wisconsin and Illinois for the past four days ad will recap soon. Promise. We went up last week to bury my grandmother with my grandfather...

For now, this is all my mind can handle. 

FIRST thing I do in the morning... hit the snooze a few times, then get up and let my boys out of their bed ;) Sometimes actually waking them up and getting sweet puppy kisses!

FIRST thing I do when I get home from work...Let my precious boys out. (there is a trend here)

My FIRST car...1994 gold Oldsmobile! woot! Front bench seat, immobilizer security system that loved to fail after school, so I had to call my mom to bring me the back up one to start the car :)

My FIRST kiss...I want to believe it was my cutie boyfriend in like 3rd grade :) lol but the one I remember, first peck kiss was 6th grade. I remember name, location, and everything about it haha Man was I corny back then. (sorry dad. You probably didn't want to know that)

The FIRST thing I wanted to be when I grew up... I think a teacher! Wow how I do NOT have the patience for that. As much as I love kids, I could not handle a million of them at once, confined in a room together...

FIRST choice restaurant... This one is hard! Probably Mexican at El Nopal. It's our go-to. 

 My FIRST home... Home home is my condo. I'm still here ;) 3 years and counting!

FIRST job...Graeter's Ice Cream!! Best job ever! That and Starbucks were a couple of my favorite jobs ;)  

My FIRST accident traffic violation...Oh my new Jetta, convinced my dad to let me drive it back to school (evansville, IN) for the weekend and got a ticket for speeding...BOOO
FIRST "big girl" job... Donan, doing marketing. I'm still there!

FIRST major purchase... My house. Wowza...that was a big check. But so worth it. 

FIRST drink of choice... Wine. I LOVE me some wine. 

FIRST song that comes to mind...Slim Shady HAHA But only because it was a Jeopardy question tonight!!

FIRST time I flew...I have no idea. I have been flying since I was small and I don't remember much of my childhood :(

FIRST dessert of choice...Probably ice cream? But then I think cake or pie..I pretty much LOVE sweets and deserts.

My FIRST husband... He will be in August! :)

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