Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear Monkey

Dear Monkey,

You grow taller, talk more, smile bigger, and love harder, every single time I see you.
I can't believe you are 20 months old. It's incredible how big you are and how much you learn every day.
I love seeing your face.
I love hearing your laugh and your voice.
You amaze me at how much you know.
How great you are at talking and explaining what it is that you want.
Your eyes light up when you see someone you know and that melts my heart. I love that you recognize faces and people and even ask for them, when they aren't around.
You adore your mommy and daddy and you love seeing grandpa and grandma.
You don't quit seem to know how or what to call your grammie though and I'm sure one day it'll click. Right now it's kind of jibberish and that's only when you feel like saying it.
I'm not sure what that's all about, but your grammie loves you and would love even more to have you call her by a 'normal' name there buddy :)
One day you'll get it and it'll be perfect.
Remember this. Grammie will always let you get away with a little more than grandpa.
Grandpa doesn't have the most patience with children, which is where your auntie gets it from, but we're both learning :) Between you and Nevaeh, it's been a trial for sure, but I've loved every minute of it. And I know your grandpa would do anything for you. We all just want what's best and for you to become the most amazing that you can.

You have such a sweet heart and I hope that never goes away.
When you are at grammie and grandpas house, without mom and dad, you walk around with a picture of them, tissing it often (you haven't got all your consenants just yet).
You sometimes question where they are, but you know your safe and loved until they come get you. And that they will always come back.

I got to spend a few days with you this past weekend.
You took your first big trip! Almost 10 hours in a car, up to Wisconsin! And that was one way!
That's where the Bean side of the family was born :)
I'm pretty sure you loved it. You got to meet your second cousin and play with your great aunt, and great grandparents!
You swam in the hotel pool, threw a couple fits in the hallway, and even almost got your fingers caught in the elevator door.
You got to run around, go in everybody's room and snuggle with mommy in a big bed.
You made us all smile the minute we saw you each morning and you were such a good boy!
Always remember how many people out there love you and how blessed we are to have you in our lives.

I am so excited to get to see you tonight and play cars and with all your toys.
I love hearing you say "Ashy" with enthusiasm in your voice. Knowing who I am and remembering me.  Thankfully, you still like me :)
You sure are pure boy there Monkey.
You love your cars and trains and being outside.
And I hope one day you'll get to play sports and find something you truly love.
Grammie told me today that you just jabbered all day, to yourself mostly, but were content as could be playing on the porch.
You are learning your own independence and truly building that personality.
I can't wait to watch you grow more and begin carrying on conversations and creating yourself as you're supposed to be.

I can already tell you are going to be such a smart boy. I can't believe how much you already know!
You are going to make a mark on the world and the lives that you touch.
You've already started and it can only get better from here!

And don't forget that mommy and daddy love to take videos and pictures of you.
Sorry. Standard parenting rights. It's all for blackmail. Nothing else. :)
Don't worry. When you get older you'll find your own blackmail towards them and everything will become a wash.

Just remember your auntie doesn't count in all of that! She WILL help you get it though :)

Love you my sweet nephew!

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