Monday, April 1, 2013

Poppy Flowers

Another night of painting!
Tonight's was hard though! Holy geez!
So tedious and intricate for the flowers. Wowza!
I am almost a little bit exhausted from it! lol

But so fun! My momma joined me and Jill! Woop!

I should have gotten pictures with them :( Fail...
and of their pictures...another fail.

But, I bless you with mine. Eh, not the best work, but it'll do. Just gotta figure out where the heck to hang all these paintings!

Happy Monday lovelies! I'm really tired...and I assume I'll be up late. 
Feeling a funk coming on, but hoping it's just tired from go, go, go! 

Is it honeymoon time yet?? I need some beach/sun/R&R! 

This week will hopefully be a little slow.
Countdown to my new car!! Two weeks from today! HOLLA!!

Cake tasting this weekend and finally finishing the paint in my guest bathroom...don't ask.
I've been trying to finish this place for 3 years and it is slowly coming together.
After I finish the bathroom, I'm hanging a few shelves and it's onto the guest/Neveaeh's room! 
No idea what to do in there...must consult Pinterest!

Seriously, what did I do before Pinterest? There are so many good ideas and things to follow! 
It's amazing! I need a day just to organize more and write down and try recipes and tips and tricks! 

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