Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Ruby!

Yes, I have been MIA.
I am aware of this.
My life has been nonstop and blogging has taken a backseat.
Which is no bueno, but what has had to happen.
So what's been going on?

Well, I got to pick up Ruby just a couple weeks ago!! Two weeks tomorrow to be exact.
The sales guy tried to be all cool and casual, like, let's just go over the numbers, we said your car would be in Monday, right?
So blah, blah, blah. He says oh, yeah, did I tell you your car is in.
(Insert childlike squeal from me here)
Yeah, it happened.
So I quickly rounded up the troops and my mom and I picked it up Friday night!
Dad was out of town and Matt was working.

Isn't she a beauty!! :) I love her!

Monkey made a visit too for a couple days! Freakin adorable!!!! And such a big boy!
Oh and smart! And hilarious!
MIss that kid so much!
Gizmo is obsessed when anything is in the tub. He's weird...
I've been gluing corks and rounding up the troops (A.K.A. mom and Chels lol) to help!
Only a bazillion left to do! :) YAY
Mom and I went cake tasting :) Yup! DELICIOUS!!
Same place as my sis used, so I'm copying her...hope she doesn't mind!
They gave us seven huge slices of cake to taste! It was AMAZING!!
Nevaeh has been a goof the past couple weekends :)
We've had a good time together and the 23rd was her birthday, so we will be celebrating this weekend!
I think she'll love what we got her last night!!

AND my momma's birthday was the 21st :) My dad got her a Macbook Air!! (insert jealous face even though I have the Macbook Pro.)
AND I spent three and a half hours last Sunday teaching her how to use it :) lol
It was fun...and she hilariously requested I not blog about it.
She here you go mom, just mentioned your awesome gift!
Not about your technological challenges :) hehe
She'll be a pro in no time! He added on a year of classes for her!
I'll be asking her some pointers and tricks pretty soon!

I also had Premier training a couple Saturdays ago :) We hosted it at our Church, which was pretty awesome.

(left to right, my Premier grandma, aunt, and momma!)
My Gizmimo was bored from all the computer training!

Crystal's husband came by work and gave a few of us an awesome candy stash and sweet card!
He is awesome!!! Knows the way to my heart! lol

AND gotta throw in one more monkey pic :) He's brushing Lightning McQueen's teeth, in case anyone was wondering.
At least we know he'll have good heigene!
Peace out lovlies!

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