Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Festivities

The last few weekends have been go, go, go, go....
And that was no different than this past weekend. Meaning, I am a bit exhausted and just need some downtime!
Luckily, I had a little last night, but my throat and stomach was hurting and I'm writing it off as not the best night.
So we picked up Nevaeh Friday and headed for some yogurt! (seems to be a trend lol)
She was alright, not too sassy, but lately she's just been 'off' and I know there are things going on outside of being with us that I can't control.
Best I can do is create a stable environment for her when she's with us.
She needs to know what to expect and what's expected.
She didn't eat much...her attention span was a bit short, but needless to say, I enjoyed every bit of mine!

Apparently, the ice cream really hit her because Matthew was texting me at 1030 saying he couldn't get her to calm down to go to bed! 
Note: I'm almost 28 and was in bed by 1030 on a Friday...before a 4 year old...multiple things wrong with all of that lol

Either way, Saturday I had my morning time :) I actually, get this, I actually slept until 745! Seriously!! I RARELY sleep (basically never) that long and I slept most of it, which is even better!
I only remember waking up a few times :) Woot!
Clearly I was tired.

I went to the gym, stopped at Paul's for some fruit and had a nice little morning to me. ;)

Nevaeh and Matt came over around lunch and we decided to do easter eggs with her! 
I had bought a princess/fairy kit a week or so earlier, so she was pretty excited about it.
They turned out cute, too! 
AND the kit came with stickers and glitter! HOLLA!

I totally did the pink one :)

Notice those nice bangs? Yeah, she decided to give herself a haircut a couple weeks ago....there is no fixing bags! But, she is still pretty cute with them :)

Later, we decided to head to the grocery store, cause that's what I like to do on the weekends LOL 
And we (meaning the little one) had a complete and total meltdown in the store....it was a rough weekend all around, but it is getting a little worse and we're just trying to take it in stride and discipline her, but understand why she is acting the way she is. 

I am not one to completely disrupt my life because a child is having a fit, there is only so much you can do and leaving just wasn't an option I was willing to give her. 
I tend to do more tough love, which can be good and bad. Guess you just gotta know when you can and can't do it. 
She did eventually calmed dow, leaving the afternoon up and down.
Her consequence for not listening, being whiny, and just mouthing off all day was not doing the easter egg hunt we had planned, but she surprisingly understood, at least a little, and the day was alright. 

When we got home, Nevaeh and I colored together while Matthew napped...
Again, the almost 30 year old is napping and the 4 year old stays up....

After we dropped her off it was margarita's STAT! It had been that kind of day.
It was delicious and wonderful with my mexican!
Although, I ate so many chips and salsa before we ordered, and ended up bringing most of my dinner home! lol 

Sunday was Church, errands, cleaning, laundry, and monkey time!
My mom was headed back to Nashville with the little one this week, so I needed a few more hours before he was gone again!
Cannot tell you how much I love this kid! Seriously, he is growing so fast! It's crazy! 
I feel like we just got to the hospital and held his tiny body for the first time! 
Such a sweet boy :)
He was giving my sister and Barrett's picture kisses all week! LOL 

Well, he couldn't leave his monkey without kisses!!

Finally, Sunday night my mom and I went to a painting class! YAY
I am loving this! No joke!

Started out simple...

Three hours later!....


Onto another week! Or the rest of it anyway lol It is Tuesday night..clearly, I am a bit behind the ball here. 

Peace lovelies!

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