Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I am a super organized person AND I love to clean and have things clean.....Well, maybe I should't say SUPER, but I WISH  I was super...AND when I say clean? Yeah, dusting isn't involved in that.
I HATE dusting...I do it, don't get me wrong, but I feel like my apartment and my condo collect dust like no other! A total conspiracy.

BUT! Anyone see this on Pinterest??? I will be trying it and reporting back!

I do consider myself to be pretty good at organization, though.
I hate clutter and crap thrown everywhere. I really, really do.

I am THAT girl, who makes her bed every day, and when leaving the house? I always put things away, fluff the couch, clean up the dishes, etc.

I don't get many visitors lol I don't...I lead a sad life.

And Lord knows Matthew could care less about cleanliness and clutter, but that's just how I roll!
I love coming home to a clean house. Nothing to put away, nothing to pick up, it's already done!

I am always in and out though.
I feel like my life, these days, is so hectic and I am barely home long enough to get everything done.
So it's nice to just do things as I can. Little here, little there!
Then I don't feel as overwhelmed about what NEEDS to get done and I just take things one at a time!

Lately, I've just had this cleaning, spring fever. In just 5 months, I have to have enough space to move Matthew and Nevaeh in!
I have completely taken over this place. It's been mine for almost 3 full years!
I own every inch with my stuff...meaning I gotta be cut throat and start organizing better and/or getting rid of things I don't need/use.

What I NEED and know I have to do is learn to organize better.
I've got to get some great tips and ideas to make better use of this space.
It's small for 3 people (plus 2 dogs) and I know I will go crazy if I don't figure something out.

Course that just means more Pinterest time figure out some ideas and options that are cost effective, easy to do, quick, and of course effective/useful.

I have papers that need to be better filed, my business better organized and accessible, clothes for seasons, holiday decorations, suitcases, blankets, bags, games, lol seriously I have so much stuff!
But good stuff for a future and family to build a home ;)

OH and don't get me started on my kitchen!
My mug collection alone is ridiculous! lol Minor addiction :) Sue me!

I would love and / new ideas!

I am always open to trying new things, so bring it!

here are a few things I've jotted down to start doing!

(I have so many pots/pans/glassware, etc 

I'm hoping if I start a habit of some things it will come more naturally...

Cannot wait for this! 

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