Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peacock Feather

Last night, Jill and I went to another painting class!! Woot!
I am lovin it! No joke!
I am NOT good, let me tell you, BUT I don't even care! lol

It's just fun! And I like being creative with it and getting out and doing something I enjoy.

The Uptown Art studio on Bardstown Road is way more awesome than the KAS studio on Frankfort.
(Sorry KAS)...

It is just more organized and the canvases are bigger, studio is bigger, and the instructors are more involved and explain what needs to be done.

Either way, enough talking! Time to show the masterpiece! (yeah...right!)

OH, first! This was Jill's apron LOL One sexy moma! (way to spell it right... note: she didn't write it, she just happen to pick that apron. lol)

Here is how we started. The eye of the Peacock, then a black background to put the 
fun feather colors over it ;)


Next up is poppy flowers, I think :) And my momma is doing one with me next weekend!! WOO HOO!!

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