Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Where I have been the last two days...in the ER and in bed.
I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
I was feeling fine and great all weekend and Sunday afternoon, it hit me like a brick.
No joke. Just had a delicious lunch and within an hour I was sick as could be.
My first thought was food poisoning because I've had it before, but it hit a little differently.
It was intense from the start and extremely consistent, to the point where it was every 15 minutes.
Seriously, I almost could time it, if I had the energy.

So, Matthew as nice enough to take care of me most of Sunday, but didn't want to catch it.
He went home and started getting sick himself later that night.
Quick note: When I get this kind of sick, it almost always involves the emergency room. My body just cannot handle what's going on and I get incredibly dehydrated...

What's a girl to do when her fiance is too sick to take her, but call her daddy!
What a trooper.  Normally, it would be my mom, only for the fact that my dad isn't the greatest with a puking person near him lol But who the heck is?!?!
But my mom was out of town, soaking up rays at the beach my dad was luckily available, but always up for the challenge when his girls need him :)

He came in a jiffy, got me to the ER even quicker and sat with me from just before midnight till around 330am. We sat in the waiting room for just about 45 minutes, but that meant more puking and other things while we waited... blah...so they finally took me back to get info and couldn't even take my temp because I couldn't hold it in for that long!! Seriously, graphic I'm sure, but necessary to know how horrible this virus is...

With this being so prominent right now? WASH YOUR HANDS ALL THE TIME! No joke. Like even if someone sneezes in the next room. Spray lysol and disinfect everything LOL

When I got to the room, I was given a couple big bags of fluids pumped into me through the night, along with some nausea meds (boy do I love these).
Side note: The nurse that didn't listen to me when I said I had very weak and small veins, ESPECIALLY when I'm sick and my blood pressure is lower! YOU need to go back to training on this and not JAM needles and wiggle them around in peoples arms to get the IV in! Seriously?! I was screaming in pain! Not cool... be glad I don't have a huge bruise, just a giant hole from the needle.

Luckily, I was half conscious and only really remember the freezing cold liquid running through my body. With three blankets, fleece pants, slippers, and two jackets on, I think I finally got warm after a couple hours.

I wasn't aloud to leave till I could keep fluids down, so I was given a disgusting blue Powerade, that thankfully stayed down nicely :)

I was finally told that my stomach and intestines were inflamed due to a gastrointestinal virus (Norovirus) and I was ready to go home.

To this day, my stomach still feels bloated almost. It's a weird feeling and hard to explain, but I almost feel full, but it's more the swelling than anything...odd, right? Ugh...miserable.
You'd think after puking your pains out for a good 7 hours, and not eating for a couple days, you'd feel like you lost weight...nope! Oh well.

Thank you daddy for taking care of me!! You're the best!

Back to work tomorrow. Thankfully, I was able to get a lot done today at home and won't have to take a sick day. Woop for me...

Peace lovelies! Hope no one else gets this!

OH, an Matthew? I said he got sick Sunday night till around 230 am and proceeded to get up and go to work at 530am....weirdo...all while carrying those germs with him. AND then was fine all day and got sick AGAIN last night and was kind of blah all day today...
Not sure I should have pity given he did all that and says he feels fine, but hopefully that's all it is and it doesn't get as bad as I had it. Not sure he could handle all of that!


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All At Once said...

oh man! How scary. I am so happy that you are feeling better...