Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Car!!!!

Alright, so I have a 2004 Jetta. Nice tan color, leather heated seats, sunroof, 6 CD changer (back then it was cool), big trunk, etc. I love this car. Seriously!

It's taken me everywhere, no major problems till the last couple years, but Joey (that's what I named her) is getting old and she's not as spunky as she used to be.

NOT to say she doesn't still run well and can't live up to my needs, BUT I've wanted a new/bigger car for a while and just recently have actually started looking.

With Matthew and I getting married in August, we already have Nevaeh and 2 dogs, the potential for our family to grow in the next few years, is pretty high. Meaning, why not get something now that I like and want and need, rather than a last minute, maybe we don't have the money to do so, later.

Ya with me? Right. So, basically, I just want a new car and I'm UBBER pumped about it!

It's going to be bigger, fancier, more up-to-date, and a nice good family car.

See, I'm the practical one in my relationship. The forward thinker :)
Matthew wants a mustang and I guess he would have figured out how we were going to transport a family in two small cars later....huh.

Anywho! Wanna see it?!?!?! Well you can't. And neither can I. Cause it just got ordered this week :)
But, I can show you a sneak peak! the pictue I built on the internet!

I haven't even told you what kind of car it is either! Wowza!

Look at my shiny, new, bright red, pretty, 2013 Ford Edge! HOLLA!!!!!
I'm gonna be so happy!!  Cannot wait! I should know later this week when I get to take her home, so stay tuned because I will be counting down!

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