Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Another busy weekend ends!

Friday, I got off work, just a little early, and headed to get my nails done.
Something I haven't done in a LONG time and something that was LONG overdue.

This was followed by a trip to the park with the little one and some dinner at Cheddars :)
Then it was a quiet night for me of painting!! Woot!

Saturday started early with a hair cut, then Praise practice for Easter music, followed by the day in Trimble County with Matt's family for Easter lunch! 
Delicious as always :) 

It was such a nice day, we did an egg hunt for the kids and got to play outside for a bit.

I headed home later and made me some monkey bread!! 
Never done it before and it turned out pretty good!!

Sunday was again, bright and early! :/ headed to Church on a rainy day! blah
Thankfully it only got better and the sun came out. 

Matthew, Nevaeh and I went to my parents after church for some brunch! Woot!
Again, ridiculously delicious, as always :) 
Love me some breakfast!

We hung out most of the day and really had a good time.
My mom was awesome and got Nevaeh an easter basket to find! :)
Meaning the girl got THREE baskets this weekend!
I hope she realizes on day how lucky she is!! LOL
She made out!

It's great getting to hang out with family...and I'm so glad we live so close to ours. 
Just missed my monkey!! Barrett sent this to my mom this afternoon! 
He was at his parents for the weekend and monkey butt went on an egg hunt too!!

I was tired this evening when I got home, but after a little down time and food, I decided cleaning was the thing to do! lOL

Cleaned my whole kitchen and floor, laundry, dishwasher (found an awesome cleaning tip on Pinterest!), and just general picking up and organizing things. 

Thank goodness for some blog drafts, Pinterest updates, and Army Wives!!! 

Probably should have finished my taxes though.....

Who figured I'd be up so late! I thought this weekend has worn me out :)
Bet I snooze just a few times tomorrow!!

Happy Easter!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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