Monday, March 25, 2013

Bathroom Fiasco in the Workplace

Your minds went way in the gross gutter, didn't it!!

Y' of my weird fears is bathrooms. Like the whole cruise incidents that have been happening?
I gaged when I heard about it and when I think about it...I am not sure I'll go on another cruise for a while, that is for sure!

When I started this job 5 years ago, there were maybe 15 people in the building...maybe.
Now? Umm... there are 35 people on a full day. Seriously...
And that doesn't seem like much, I'm sure, but when you have 2 women's bathrooms and there are 22 women? gets overloaded. To the point where lines form throughout the day or you're constantly walking in circles checking if someone is in there.

Well, clearly everyone using it has wore it out a bit. We've always had pressure issues in one of the bathrooms, but never any problems with it overflowing on a regular basis.

People, it has been a happening a lot in the last few months!
This girl has been drinking less and holding it till I come home for lunch!
Not cool yo!
I drink a lot of water, coffee, and tea throughout the day! I gotsta go more than a few times in 9-10 hours!

But no more holding or starving of thirst!

One of our awesome, know all, do all, engineers installed us a new toilet! WOOT!

Who knew I'd every get this excited over a toilet....You wanna know what I did today?
Drank a ton of water, coffee and tea!!
And I enjoyed every sip :)

Happy Monday! (Somewhat. I think I'm getting sick/cold/laryngitis, or something of the sorts)

OH and it's the end of March....wowza

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