Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Update

Alright! 171 days!
AND I have no idea where we left off, but here is the latest.
Caterer? Masterson's. Just working out the details of the menu and money :) Fun fun!!
My mom and I went and met with a florist a week or so ago.
My sister used them, actually, and she is a doll! Picked out some awesome flowers/bouquets, and even got the centerpieces priced out!
Course, I will try and look at a couple others places, just to see price differences, if any, but I know this place will be wonderful and worth it.
Next door to the florist was a bakery! Check!
Wow on pricing. Like umber reasonable!
Not the best variety in flavors, but I'm not one to be picky on that. They have a few I like and that's fine by me!

Matthew and I finalized our honeymoon as well! Woot! Playa Mujeres in Mexico :) HOLLA!
Is it time to go yet? Blah...
Tell me how beautiful this place is?!?!?!

Umm...yeah....and that first one? It's the upstairs of our little condo/room. Yup! That's our own personal little spa :)

And lastly, we picked out wedding rings this week! YAY! Layaway, so we don't have them sitting around for 7 months lol and we can slowly pay them off (not that they are that much lol) and I can get mine sized :) YAY! It's soo pretty!
I went for two. One on each side. Makes it symmetrical and extra sparkly!!

Next, I'm working on table decor and name place holders, head pieces, bridesmaid gifts, invitations, fittings, and some more of the little details.

I know it's not much and I don't really have pictures, but there it is! Life has been busy, so my lists continue to build!
Even checking things off doesn't seem to make the list smaller! lol

Don't worry, those bridesmaid posts are coming :) 6 months =  almost 7 bridesmaids! :LOL Perfect!

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