Monday, February 4, 2013

There Goes 10 Bucks

So, I've been in a super bowl pool the past couple years.
First year I won $50! Woot!
Of course that meant I would continue another year, cause duh, that means I'll win again, right?
WRONG! Well, only if you listen to your fiance on the picks for the actual super bowl.
I'll give him credit, he helped a lot throughout the season, but I still held my own on a few games.
The super bowl though, I had no idea. Gut said Baltimore, fiance said 49ers.
Always go with your gut!
Why? Cause you get complete confirmation when he asks you ONE HOUR before kick off, if you can switch your pick. Seriously??
So, we had a little get together with our friends Crystal and Rodney :)
Chili, buffalo chicken dip, chocolate tort, snacks, chips/salsa, beer, wine, crystal light..
We know how to party. Clearly.
And as we watch Balitmore kick the 49ers rears, Crystal sat there happy as a little Baltimore rooting clam.
I was jealous.
After the whole black out - let's make that the only news on the bowl...
the 9ers made a little comeback!
AND then they got creamed.
Good game guys...well, kind of.
It was fun while it lasted.
I actually get more into games when there is moetary value to it.
yes, I'll watch and usually multi-task, but when you might win money? Hello watching!
We had a good time though. Made for a late night, but it was well worth it.
After everyone left, I finished cleaning up, got in my daily Pinterest time and I think I was asleep before I hit the pillow.

The rest of the weekend consisted of Friday night girls night with work peeps. Delicious italian food and wine! And great conversation/drinks afterwards :)

Saturday waking up to like 3 inches of snow was awesome!! Love that I can sleep in to that and not have to go to work and drive in it!
Although I did brave it for a hair cut. Priorities people!!!

Then a trunk show at Rebecca's for hair pieces/jewerly for the wedding dress!
I'm starting to take donations for the $600 head piece I loved. 
Really people?!?!?! $600?? Wowza.
So, naturally my mom took pictures for me and we shall recreate for cheapo dollars!

Then we headed to pizza with my parents! Johnny Brucso's. Umm, yummo's!! And hung out with them for a chunk of the night.
I have seriously gained about 5 pounds just from this weekend. Bleck!

Now it's time to start another week....

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!

Check out my awesome food spread. Be jealous!

Max wanted a taste :)

Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Chili! Yes, I put carrotts in there!

And then Gizmo wanted a taste :)
Chex Mix

Pretzel Sticks

Trail Mix!

Can't forget some chips and salsa!
Two very tuckered out boys during the game!!
My snuggle bugs :)

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