Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Seriously...I probably have 40 things that I need passwords for.
Between work and personal, wowza!
And the ones that I have for work have to change all the time! What is that??
Why do you make me change my password every 3 months. Oh yeah, and then not even let me use a single letter from previous passwords?!
I even have an app for passwords. I have to scroll to see them all.
Now, that is sad!
Worst part? I have a bad memory. It's true. So, I naturally forget to update that app when I change my passwords.
Then when I can't remember, I go into the app, feeling all awesome for having it, type in the 'correct' password and curse the computer when it says it's incorrect.
Then proceed to go through the whole Forgot Password deal, which everyone knows takes like 6 hours to complete. And I have to constantly choose a new password, cause like I said, it had the same letter as my password 8 times ago.
OH and did I mention the app has a password protection???
I can't win...

Needless to say, I'm annoyed with it.
Technology should be way more advanced than that and I should be able to use one password for everything lol
Who's hacking my stuff? I ain't got not money, yo!
My emails are boring and if you steal my CC info, my credit card company is awesome and will hunt you down, so I don't have to pay. So really it's all on you buddy for hacking.

Anyway, passwords. Yeah, they are great and all, but when you MAKE me have capital letters, characters, symbols, numbers. Holy geez! That is asking a lot of someone who can barely remember what they had for breakfast! Hmm...toast? Cereal? No, it was toast. Or was it oatmeal...

See what I mean???

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