Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Monkey Time!

Shouldn't take you too long to figure out that I got to have some quality Monkey time this past weekend ;)

I went down to Nashville Friday, after work, which was the LONGEST drive ever!
Seriously, I think the drive down for monkey's birth was faster than this drive felt!
So I got down there, scarfed down a couple huge pieces of pizza and played with the little stink face.

I think he's grown like a foot taller, takes like a little boy, and has the charm and smile of a con man! :)

Course after he went to bed, Chels and Barrett's friends came over and we played Cards Against Humanity, all while having some adult beverages. And let me tell you that game gets better as it goes! LOL
We had a blast and stayed up way past any of our bedtimes! Holla~!

Saturday we got up and worked on wedding stuff for a few hours, making 6 pages of lists!!
Holy geez am I in for it! I gotta get on it! Missing so much yet!

After that we headed to the park with the little man.

Tell me you can't fall in love with that face!

All smiles!

He's a pro at this!
Learning tricks!
Then lunch and more wedding stuff! Chels and I headed out for some errands, while Barrett took the little guy home for a sweet nap :)
We hammered out some centerpieces, flower ideas, bows, and just endless detail for the wedding.
Lastly, we went to the grocery for some grilling out dinner stuff :)
Back at home we played more with the monkey!!

Cheesin it!
Ate some delicious dinner with another one of their friends and it was an early night for us all.
thanks for letting me come play with you Luke!!

Sunday, I headed home in the morning, and Matthew and I headed out to start registering!
Holy geez...we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and let me tell you. ASK THEM NOT TO HAVE SOMEONE FOLLOW YOU THE ENTIRE TIME!
It is uncomfortable and awkward and you just can't think and discuss about what you want the same way. She's asking us how much we drink, what we cook for dinner, what we serve for guests, if we bake a lot and what decoration are in my bathrooms... what?? It was overwhelming and a bit annoying lol. She finally left us alone at the picture frames. Gee, thanks! that was the last room to go through!
Either way, after a couple hours, it was finally over and I was exhausted.
We headed home and I worked for a couple hours while doing a bazillion loads of laundry!
I was in bed early and asleep in minutes.
Now it's back to the grind of work....and I really just want to be back home in bed, snuggling with my puppies.
Happy Monday lovelies...



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