Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where I've Been

So the last time I was here, before Chaddy that is, hilarious, right?!?!
I gave wedding updates and talked about the New Year.
So interesting right?? lol
OK, so in the mean time, I've been hanging out with the little one on the weekends, trying to finalize wedding things, like caterer and photographer, and even attended my first bridal show :)
My momma and I went to "Meet me at the alter" at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Overwhelming much? Yeah, tons of vendors, but good info!
Found a photographer out of it and am happy about that! SO, even if that was all, we're good!
Course, I got other good contacts and information and ideas.
I'm happy with that!

Since that, my mom and I have been meeting photographers, like I said.
And I've been planning my company Christmas party!
Usually, this falls in December. A couple weeks before Christmas.
Everyone is flown into Louisville, if they are out of state, or they drive in, and it is a good ole time!
Tons of food, drinks, prizes, etc.
My cohort, Jennifer, and I were working hard the week before!
Everyone seemed pleased and I think it turned out really nice.
We changed it up a bit this year, hired a band, less giveaways to save some money, but all in all, most people were grateful.
Of course, we always have those who are super ungrateful and complain the entire night.
Guess they feel entitled to the world?
Who knew that FREE transportation for you AND your spouse/sig other/guest, a FREE meal, FREE hotel for more than one night for some, potential prizes, FREE drinks, AND a band, just wasn't enough...hmm, guess next year, I'll just have them plan it ;)
Take some off my plate! lol

That was exhausting to say the least. The day started around 1 and went till almost midnight.
The band was awesome though! It was amazing getting to see people and catching up!
I even had my own moment of glory singing with the band. lol
The lead singer saw me dancing and knowing all the words, no surprise there! and came out and had me sing with him. Hilarious! Sure it sounded awful, but who cares :)

Sunday was spent hanging with the rents, as they had the boys for the weekend for me :)
And the heading home to relax, clean, laundry, and went to dinner with Matthew. A neighbor of his works at Stoney River and hooked us up with a discount on our meal and a free dessert! I'll take it!
Super nice guy :) So that was awesome!
Matthew had a certificate, but we ended up not even using it because our meal came out so inexpensive :)

This week, I've been cleaning out my second bedroom, since my parents are giving me an old set of theirs. Actually, my sister's old set! I'm stoked! It'll be nice to have furniture in there and for the future! It's in decent shape and I'm excited!
ONly thing is? I tend to just throw crap in that bedroom because I have zero storage...seriously, I have collected so much junk, cause it's just me! Now, I've got to prepare for Matthew and Nevaeh!
AHHH. hopefully it'll all go smooth, the furniture will fit in my 'office' lol and I will get rid of some much needed clutter :)

I go in spurts of cleaning it, letting it collect, cleaning, letting it get the picture.
Time for it to always be nice.
Just gotta finish touch ups on the bathrooms and my place is coming together!

I'll get the little one again this weekend and may head down to Nashville for Saturday? Hard to say.
It'll be touch taking a 4.5 year old and two dogs, while trying to spend time with the Monkey...might just have to plan another weekend down there just me for some snuggles and play time :)
Just HATE not seeing him more! And my parents go down all the time! lol I'm so jealous...

Anyway...gotsta run! My furnace is being worked on and I gotta head back to work soon! Lunch break is ova...

Peace lovelies.

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Crystal said...

I was SO bummed we didn't get to take pictures while we were all dressed up for the par-tay! That means we must get dressed up again soon! :P