Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding Update

I've been a little wedding Pinterest crazy lately.
I'm trying to lock down a caterer and a photographer, and then I can breath a little better, working on flowers, cake, centerpieces, and the fun stuff :)

So, here are some awesome ideas I found lately, and I may or may not partake, but might do some spins off to suit more of me and Matthew.

Check it out..

I love anything like this for wedding day or after :)

Gorgeous, right?!?! And I think suiting for the Ali Center...with a bit of a twist and maybe more color...

Will have something like this, probably with more bling though ;)

Love this..

This could be an idea for some tables.

I actually fell in love with this idea! What a fun, sweet, thing to leave on every table...

Simple, sweet cake, with bling! lol Needs something though...but like the square

LOVE the idea of my girls have neutral, simple, white/cream/green flowers, and me having something to match their dress :)

Sweet side swoop! WANT!!

And if I find the time and energy?? I'll DIY candy jars... we shall see lol

I can't wait to get more into the details of it all, once the big stuff is out of the way!! :) YAY

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