Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!

2013 has great things to come!
My wedding for one!! lol
Only 8 months...I'm a bit freaked out! Time is flying by and I don't have all that much done yet!
Must get on the ball.

So, anyone do anything fun for New Year's Eve??
I've never been one for going out or big parties.
Growing up we always stayed home or had family/friends in town to celebrate, so we'd stay up super late, eat out faces off, play endless games, and watch our parents get a little tipsy :) lol
All in good fun, of course.

Even as I got older, it was way more fun staying at someone's house than trying to beat crowds, pay ridiculous entrance fees, asinine amounts of money on food and drinks...

It was our year to have Nevaeh, so I left work early to pick her up and hung out for a bit till Matthew got home.
His parents came over to say hi and pick up Winston, and when Matthew got here, we left shortly after.
My best friend Molly is a rock star!
Seriously you all, be very jealous she isn't in your life. I don't know how I got so lucky...true story.
Anyway, she put together this amazing New Year's Eve party at the last minute, invited all her friends with children and it was awesome!
She made goody bags for the kids (all girls, lol) including poster board, markers and crayons for drawing, silly puddy, cookies, stickers, a slinky!
So much food for everyone that was delicious!
Plenty of drinks and juice...She went way above and that is what I love about her.
So, Matthew had to go back into work the next day, so he left around 10 or so to head home to bed, but Nevaeh and I stayed.
We settled the girls down for a fun movie, and at one point, two of them were sharing a sleeping bag! lol

That 'quiet time' lasted a good minute before they were up and running around again.
It was the attempt at some adult conversation time, right?? :)
So, by the time midnight was rolling around, the girls had found blow horns, lays, and hats ;)

AND then finally, it was toast time!!

Nevaeh and I got home around 1am. She was asleep before we left the neighborhood lol and when we got to my house, she was like zombie mode. I carried her up, but made her go to the bathroom and change into PJ's. I'm pretty sure she was asleep the entire time ;)

I didn't sleep good at all and was up till almost 2 and awake at 8am. Oh well, life goes on. She got up around 10, we hung out a bit and made breakfast, gave her a bath, and headed to the grocery store :) 

She was pretty good most of the day, given the funky sleep schedule and staying up late ;) We had a fun morning. 

So part of my New Year's Resolution, and I never do these lol cause I usually end up breaking it in like a day! haha
But this one is going to stick. I am going to cook more. I need to, I want to, and I'm determined to start learning more recipes and different things to make.
At the store, I bought a bunch of stuff for a handful of things to start making ;)
First up, tonight, was some Chinese stir fry/fried rice.
I was too impatient and hungry to add chicken, but that would have been amazing! lol
I like to tweak the recipes a bit to suit me, so I added some veggies to this and used brown rice, instead of white.
All in all, turned out pretty tasty!!!
Only thing, I HATE making rice! It takes FOREVER!! lol

Here is to keeping up with cooking more!
Even just a few times a week :)

OH and getting up for work this morning was HORRIBLE! lol I was sooooo tired and just wanted to stay in my warm bed, with my snuggly fur boys and sleep the day away.
Alas, I got up and went to work. Need a job to pay the bills yo! 

Peace lovelies!

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