Monday, January 28, 2013

Funky Flowers

So much for the whole "I'm going to be better about posts!" bit...
Seriously, I'm completely and totally overwhelmed.
I get to work and it's endless...there are not enough hours. Not even enough attention spans.
It's details, it's reviewing, it's submitting and creating...
I have loved my job for the past few months. I'm more involved, my opinion matters and I'm learning and being challenged. All good things in a job!
BUT, I don't see the silver lining anytime soon.
I'm getting more and more added to an already somewhat/hectic schedule...
That means, trying to work on the weekends.
Weekends? What are those? Aren't you supposed to relax and lay around, maybe catch up on DVR and veg on the couch???
Yeah, for one, not with kids, but for two? Can't remember when I did that last.
I feel guilty for a couple hours, but at the same time, when I get really overwhelmed, I just shut down and not do
True story. And then I start stressing more because I'm NOT doing anything.
it's a vicious cycle..thus is my life.
Oh and I'm planning a wedding in there...minor detail. And a lot of Church meetings.

SO, this is what I did tonight after a long A** day at work. I wanted to cry before leaving and so I said screw it. Don't have time to work tonight. Gonna go eat and paint with friends! ;)

Funky Flowers at Uptown Art tonight!

Here is the result! I should so sell my paintings for money :) True Story! Just kidding...

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Crystal said...

Always fun hanging out and decompressing from stressful things like work! Painting was awesome! And the wine was awesom-er! :P