Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear Lucas

Where do I start! You are growing faster than I ever thought possible.
Everyone says that watching children grow goes in the blink of an eye.
One day you wake up and they are teenagers or adults with their own kids.
It's hard to try and soak up every minute, every moment, every new word, step, understanding.
You love to talk and you love to learn new things.
You are one of the most curious boys that I know! And I love that about you!
You want to be in to everything and know how everything works.
You have a smile on your face 90% of the time and you are your daddy's boy lately ;)
Not sure your momma is too fond of your attachment as of late, but I assume it's a phase and one day you'll be boy their 'boy'.

You got to spend a whole week here with your grammy and grandpa, and I got to stay with you one night just us :) And your uncle Matthew.
We laughed and played with all your toys, took a nice long bath, where you showed me how you can blow bubbles, and hide your toys from me!
You gave me snuggles as we read books and your sweet smile makes every tear worth it.

Oh yeah, and you love to sit with your grandpa :)

We all came to your mommy and daddy's house for Thanksgiving because your momma had to work that day.
Thankfully, your daddy is the cook anyway, so all worked out well!
Your grammy and I helped cook, but really, we just drank wine :) You'll discover what that is someday.  You already the liquor cabinet in your house, but I don't think you know what it is just yet, and that is OK.

I almost forgot that your mommy gave your ketchup and you LOVED it!!! I knew at that point we'd be buddies forever :)

Once again, we were lucky enough to wake up with you Christmas morning!
This is the best part :)
Your daddy took you to his family for the weekend, but you came on Christmas Eve to grammy and grandpa's house to spend some time with us.

You were such a big boy and played in the Church nursery while we all enjoyed the service! You didn't make a peep and were the only one, so plenty of play time!
After Church, we came home to eat pizza and spaghetti for dinner.
Spaghetti is one of your favorites, and boy do you make a mess!
You'll learn that your Auntie really likes things clean and messy hands and hair is hard for her.
Your momma had to undress you to eat! That's how big a mess you make!
But, you loved every bite and every minute :) We even got your saying tons of things on video!
Like 'touchdown', one of your favorites, and daddy, all while trying to recognize names to faces at the table ;)

Boy you are growing and I love it and hate it at the same time!
You are such a sweetheart and I pray you keep that good heart forever :)

A new year has started and you have a lot to look forward too!
You will only grow taller, talk more and probably form some sentences, more trips and fun adventures you'll be taken on.
You also get to walk down the aisle at my wedding as our ring bearer! Which I cannot explain how excited I am for that!
You are going to be the most handsome boy there!!

Remember to be good to your mommy and daddy.
You don't really like to listen to them all the time, but they have your best interest at heart and only want to make sure you grow up a good little boy :)

Also remember your auntie loves and adores you and will make sure she doesn't let 8 weeks go by again without seeing your precious face!! That was hard!

See you soon!


Auntie Ashley

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All At Once said...

I love your letters to Lucas. I can't believe how big he is getting! Sounds like you guys had a fantastic holiday season. Happy new year to you and yours!!