Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend Recap / Bean Christmas Party

I know i know... it's been a while. I'm still alive! and hoping my life starts to slow down a bit... so let's do a recap of a few fun events :)
Here I am Christmas night, trying to finish some drafts, schedule some posts, and be a better blogger, because I love it so much!! I need it and I will make more time for it :)

My parents host an annual Christmas party, every December.
You all, i have not given this party enough talk or at all, but wowza.
You are missing out!
So Friday, Matt, Nevaeh and I, headed to my parents to hang out with my sister, nephew, brother in law and parents.
Delicious pizza was had and there may or may not have been a dance party.
I'm just sayin'.

My Godparents arrived later that night, old SNL skits were watched and mocked and everyone was in bed at a decent hour :)
Why you say? Because Saturday was a huge day!
For one, it was major monkey time.
But the biggest reason was prep for the party that night.
Food layouts, sandwiches to pick up, weenies to cook! No pun in tended :) Keep your heads out of the gutter!
I skipped out to get my hair done.
And picked up the sandwiches on the way home.
It's gets a little crazy from about 5:30 on.
Everyone is trying to get ready, keep the food flow going, but not cooking anything too soon, laying out plates, chips, dips, etc.
It's fun, but it's stressful all at once.
It's been 7 years since they started hosting this and every year it gets better!
It's a re-gifting/white elephant/dirty santa party! Which makes it amazingly, hilariously fun!!
The night ended late and we all slept in a bit. I had to run to help host a graduation party for an awesome co- worker of mine! She's a rock star and finished school!!
That lasted most of the day between making food and helping set up, chillin, then clean up! I passed out that night for over 2 hours. Lol whoops! Woke up after 9 and went to bed at 10.
Life of the party right here!! Hola!

Promise to be back more often! Don't leave me yet!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas!! I'll give a fun sum of ours soon!

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