Wednesday, December 5, 2012


SO, I consider myself pretty good with money. I've saved since I was 12 years old and I've made well for myself.
Just something I was raised with. Take care of yourself, your money, and know the value of a dollar.
Ok. Done, done, and done.
Well, we all know I like 'stuff' and clothes, jewelry, home decor, fooood...
That means, I tend to spend a lot on a regular basis.
Ok, still no big deal, right?
Well, in the last 3 years, I've bought a condo, furniture, a dog, surgery for said dog at a high $$ amount, started a business, again at a high $$ start up amount, had to fully replace my airconditioner, man those things are expensive!!!!, a few expensive car repair/maintenance issues, vacations, holidays, living expenses in general and my habit of 'good deals' in clothes, etc.
I just have never really worried all that much about money.
I go through my phases of stressing and then I'm just like whatever...
But in the past 6 months, I have been STRESSIN!
And that is no bueno.

Good news? I found out today I got a raise for next year :) AND I get my full bonus for 2012.
Boo YA!
Not anything to write home why am I here at home writing about it. huh..
Anyway, my dad will be so proud of this.
Are you reading dad? Here goes!
I've created a SPREADSHEET!
You all, my dad is the king of spreadsheets, and at work, I'm pretty hard core with them, but not always with personal stuff.
Till now. Muaaahhhwww
That was supposed to be a crazy laugh...doesn't have the same effect when reading it, huh.
Ok, so back to my awesome spreadsheet.
It's happening.
And I am going to try and track most things I spend, daily/monthly.
Including bills of course and begin some hardcore savings!

It's rather sad how genuinely excited I am for it. I mean it's a spreadsheet.
But it's not just any spreadsheet.
It's going to determine my life.
My clothes, my excursions, trips, wedding things, etc.

It will be awesome!!

Bring it on! and check back. I'll try and keep you updated on my progress.

Clearly, after the holiday's though, cause I gots presents to buy....and that just doesn't help in the saving department, so for this month? Who cares :)

Peace lovelies!

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