Thursday, December 6, 2012

Presents - Christmas

As we get older, it seems harder and harder to buy Christmas gifts.
For family, for friends, for anyone really.
It's tough! And you have the pressure of finding the perfect gifts, better gifts from the year before, or that one gift that will touch their heart for the next year.
A gift that says I love you, I'm sorry, or a simple Merry Christmas.

It stresses me out and every year, Christmas comes faster, too. I swear it does.
I think God is up there like, hey, let's take this week out of the year and just make people think that they lived it.
Then Christmas will come even sooner!!! Yeah!
That makes sense!

It's funny because my family has been talking about taking a trip over Christmas, just to avoid the chaos.
Just to get away from the commercialized crazy malls, and retail stores.
Away from the 'obligation' to buy gifts.
And yet, here we are, another year lol At least we get my monkey nephew on Christmas morning!!! That's gift enough for me ;)

It's not so bad :) And I end up loving this time of year and the emotion of generosity and love.

I put obligation in quotes because it shouldn't be one, but at times it feels that way.
When do you start shopping?
What are you going to get this year?
Who are you buying for?
How much are you willing and able to spend?
Parties, events, decorations, etc...

It's all very overwhelming, and while the gist of the holiday's is spending time with family and friends, it can seem more about the gifts and exhaustion of what to bake, where to be, who to go with, and what to buy...

Surprisingly, I'm almost done this year, but I feel like I don't put enough thought into it.
I try. I really do. And I have the best intentions, but my creativity around Christmas, under stress, is not good. It's hard to find the time. It's hard to think of the best gift.
I always think of great gifts, AFTER the fact lol

This is a rambling post. Or maybe it's an advice post.
Asking for it, not giving it.

How do you get yourself in the holiday spirit in a way that it's more fun to buy gifts?
There is more of an enjoyment to getting things and putting a smile on someone's face rather than the annoyance of crowds and figuring out what to buy someone?

It's there, I know it, and I am not being all Scroogy, but it just seems to get harder each year and takes away from the full excitement of this time of year.

I like the idea of new, creative ways for gifts and doing things, but it's just getting the mindset, motivation, creativity, and time...

Where is the love, lovelies?!?! :)


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