Sunday, December 30, 2012

New York

Every year, my mom and her neighbor, and whoever else can go :), head to New York for a quick trip around Christmas!
And every year, my work holiday party falls on the night before. Meaning, I'm the organizer, tons of people I never see are in town, many drinks are had, and I rarely see the pillow before 2am lol. So getting up and heading to New York at 5am, and walking around all day, did not sound like fun. And I mean for everyone else. This girl on little sleep = no bueno.
Until this year!!!

Why?? Cause my work party was moved to January!! Wahoo! New York, look out!!

New York City is one of my favorite cities. We used to live near it, which meant we got to go a lot, but when you have the memory I do, meaning, you don't remember 70% of your childhood, you don't remember the city.
Thankfully, I've had numerous opportunities as I've grown up to go back and visit :)
There is so much to do, so much to look at, so much stimulation, but it's amazing!
You can shop street vendors, finagle them down to a decent price, go to shows on and off Broadway, walk around EVERYWHERE! Delicious food, shopping, towns, etc. It's endless.
I have great memories in this city!

We got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed on a direct flight! See, my mom's friend Lorrie is kind of a big deal and works at an airline.
She hooked us up with buddy passes. That means standby, but way less money and we had no problems on any flights!

Sunday we got there around 9am, took a death cab to the hotel, left our luggage and ventured out into the rainy, windy, cold day. We bought scarves and hats, and headed to little Italy for lunch!
Walked all around towards the 911 memorial and took that tour at 4. It was beautiful! they've done an amazing job for each tower. Very touching...

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel, got checked in, left our packages and let our limbs thaw out a bit before getting some delicious New York Pizza!
Course we couldn't end the night without going to Macy's and Santa Land!!!
Picture overload is to come...sorry I'm not sorry :)

Times Square

Little Italy Restaurant we ate at for lunch

Subway fun!

Beautiful near the 911 Memorial!

South Tower memorial

Names are all illuminated 

View of Times Square from our hotel room!!

Beautiful rain ;/


Beginning of Santa Land on the train


Our prize :)

Sunday was an early morning because we headed to the Today Show! How I love going :) We went a little late, but still got some pictures of the stars! And then we walked all of 5th avenue! lol Seriously, like the whole street! We window shopped and actually shopped lol 
We hit up Bryant Park, Central Park, Columbus Square and everything in between!

Matt's in there somewhere!

Natalie! :)

Bryant Park

Inside Plaza Hotel! 

Then lunch at Serendipity! LOVE this place. Famous for their...

Frozen Hot Chocolate!

We tried getting tickets to a show, but even the half price was a bit ridiculous. So we ventured out to Guy Ferrari's restaurant just down the street and had some drinks and appetizers ;) Perfect end to the trip! We all had such a great time! 
I was so excited to go and get to spend some much needed quality time with my momma and friends! 
Can't wait for next year!

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Looks like you had a fun trip!!

Happy New Year from a fellow Kentucky blogger :)