Monday, December 3, 2012

My Girls

Guess what?
Yupp! You're all going to learn about the 7 girls standing up next to me at my wedding :)
They are THAT amazing, they each get their own post.

I'll go through them in no particular order, but I know when you hear about them, you'll fall in love with them quick and want them in your life :)

True story.

But, thankfully, they've all signed a renewal contract for 2013 to remain my friend and my friend only...maybe next year, but I doubt it.

So, be looking for these girls soon!! And you'll just have to settle for reading about them.

My sister - Chelsie

My best friend - Molly

My best friend - Kassie

My best friend - Tina

My best friend/sister - Kelly (the Bride)

My best friend/family/sister - Becky

My adorable/niece/sister/family - Sydney

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