Friday, December 28, 2012



To quote Ron Burgundy - "I'm kind of a big deal."
Just kidding ;)
But, I have been busy and it makes my whole life a little off balance, for the things that I enjoy doing and have to push to the back burner.
Blogging being one of them. It's a part of my life that goes up and down and something that I want to stay more up.
This community is an amazing one and I've met a few wonderful people, I would just love to be able to maintain those relationships, grow, and learn more from these amazing women.
SO, life has been wedding plans, work, Church meetings, family, holiday's, seeing friends, trying to keep my house somewhat decent, and just trying to relax in the slightest. Thing is, I have that guilt feeling when I'm not doing something super productive lately, and I hate that feeling.
OH yeah, and my car decided that it wants to start breaking down, leaving me looking for a new car.
Which is super exciting and super frustrating at the same time. It's one thing after the next the past few years and I'm tired of dishing out unplanned monies that I've saved.
Life goes on though and all will be well!

I've gotten to spend a good amount of time with my monkey butt nephew! Which is amazing! Never enough time, but I'm blessed with what I get and enjoy every single moment! He is the funniest thing ever! Case and point, Christmas Eve dinner. Best part comes around the 30 second mark :)

We took Nevaeh out to look at Christmas lights the other night! Too fun and some awesome decorations! Awesome in the sense that some were really well done and some were awesomely awful! lol 

This one was for a friend of Matthew's. They quote the whole, "Awwwww Shut Upppp." It's annoying as ever lol 

I bet they could fit a few more blow ups, but they probably thought it would start to look tacky. You know, those blow ups are all classy and stuff. 

We were convinced that these people just threw their lights on that tree and said screw it...

Hey Santa! What's up?! Little early, eh? 

More to report later :) Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!!

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