Sunday, November 11, 2012


OK, So I am not the best when dealing with stress.
I tend to just run through it and roll with it and then crash...hard
I can feel myself getting there.
I can feel myself moving to that point.
And that means, I've got to find a way to slow down.
But, you know what?
Not gonna happen for a bit.
Work has gotten out of hand.
With a new boss, there is so much more to be doing, which is AWESOME.
Don't get me wrong there, but I've had 2 years of other responsibilities building up, without actually doing much marketing and research at all.
Now, I'm working so much more on the marketing side, but I haven't gotten into the grove of everything and prioritizing and balancing getting things done.
That has led me to working almost every night.
Well, my intention was to work this weekend, too, but you know what happened?
I can tell you work didn't!
Between, my own stuff to get done, things scheduled for this weekend, and just trying to get my own life in order, work has taken a back seat.
which it should, right? My weekend, is my weekend, but that just leaves me stressing about my week ahead.
Thankfully, my boss is out of town for a few days, so maybe that will give me a little catch up time?
I sure hope.
It's not hard stuff, just so time consuming and people keep asking for more.

Wanna know what else?
Yeah, that jewelry business I'm supposed to be thriving in?
That's taken a back seat now too.  Between, work, personal, and wedding planning....
I hate that. I don't want to fail at this. I really don't. I love it and I know I can be good at it, I just don't have the full time and resources...
Oh, and that other business that I think and dream about daily?
yeah, started working on the business plan again, but review it and tweaking is about as far as I've gotten.
Working out? I've resorted to getting up between 5 and 530 just to get in 30 minutes of weights or running...
I fell asleep at 930 last night. A SATURDAY night! 930! Nevaeh probably wasn't even asleep then and she's 4!

But, that just means life is good, lots to do and it'll be all worth it in the end.

Working on guest list and save the dates this afternoon before a Church function tonight.
All while, trying to pay bills and work on jewelry :)
AND clean my house, organize, touch up paint, play with my sweet boys, do laundry, and relax?? lol

Guess I can wait till our honeymoon to relax :) OH yeah! I gotta get on planning that to!

that means I gotta go! Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

Peace lovelies!

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