Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wedding Update

So, I am really hoping this doesn't get old and that you are excited about my wedding plans/talk, rather than annoyed.
If annoyed? Well, I don't know what to say. There won't be THAT many posts...maybe

Any who, what have I got done in 3 months, as of tomorrow?
WOW, it's only been 3 months! Feels longer, in a good way, but still.


- Wedding Binder to keep organized (CHECK)
- Spreadsheet to manage budget (CHECK)
- Reception venue (CHECK)
- Church (CHECK)
- Dress (CHECK) Only two more months and I get to see if again!! YAY
- Tuxes (CHECK)
- Wedding party (CHECK)
- Guest List (WOWza this is a tough one! But as of this weekend, CHECK!)
- Ushers, readers, etc (Haven't done all of this one yet, but should by the end of the year)
- Bridesmaid Dresses (Hopefully done this weekend!)
- Caterer (This is a hard one, but have meetings set, so that's a start)
- DJ Service (CHECK)
- Photographer (Not yet on this one, but am setting up meetings)
- My shoes (Hopefully order this weekend :)) SO excited!
- Flowers (Focusing on this next year)
- Candy Bar (That's right! It's happening! Next year for sure)
- Wedding invitations (Haven't had time to think about this yet, but probably after the first of the year)
- Hair dresser (CHECK)
- Gifts (Working on this, but not set on anything yet, need some ideas, but probably finalize early next year)
- Hotels (Almost check. Waiting on one final one)
- Wedding website with more info (Should be done in a week or so)
- Save the Dates (CHECK)
- Honeymoon (This is a hard one, but I'm rallying some troops to help. Matthew not the best with technology or knowing how to travel well, so this one is all me and that's OK. We just need to pick a final destination!)
- Rehearsal Dinner (CHECK)
- Centerpieces (Eh, this overwhelms me because I think they will be expensive, but I just gotta start somewhere and go from there)

I know I've missed a million more details, but I'm proud how far I am so far!

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