Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This Thanksgiving, my parents, me and Matthew are headed down to Nashville to spend time with my sister, brother in-law and Lucas!! :)

It's never been a huge holiday in my family, mostly because it's always just been the 5 of us (Barrett has been with our family for so many holidays, it's the five of us :)) for so many years and to make too big of a meal just seems silly.

We used to go up to my Godparents house. They have a humungous family and it was awesome! Just got harder when my sister am I started getting jobs that were less flexible and my sister in Nashville.

It all works out though. I usually try and sucker someone into running the Turkey Trot that morning :) WOO HOO! SOOO cold! lol  But a good time nonetheless!

So, this year, we don't have Nevaeh on Thanksgiving day, and my sister has to actually work thanksgiving day and friday and all it was way easier to go down there, than expect them to come here! And it worked that Matthew can come with us, so we're picking up the little on on our way back in town Friday and headed to his families!

All in all an exciting couple days planned!! Then it's working and getting stuff done this weekend :)

Happy Turkey Day Lovelies!!!!

Best nephew ever!!!

He is gonna love him some turkey!!!


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