Monday, November 19, 2012


The other night, I had Premier Training and like every training, I walked away inspired.
You all. These women. They. Are. Incredible.
I don't know them all as well as I should, but sometimes the 2-3 hours I've with them a month, just gives me hope.
Hope I want to carry with me everyday, but seem to lose somewhere along the way in that month.
They all have a story.
Every single one of them.
Stories that make you laugh, make you cry, and make you thankful.
Not one of them will complain. Not one will cry whoa is me.
They are all going through something.
Something good, something bad, something scary, something exciting, or something life changing.
We had a guest trainer, a woman from a small town in KY, who has made it way up the ladder, in less than 5 years.
She has 143 plus, people in her downline!
Say what??!'s a bit intimidating.

But you could tell the passion she had for the business. You could tell she wanted noting more than to make other happy.
Yes, it's a life for her. It's a paycheck, a way of life, but it's so much more than that. 

Premier isn't a business just to get into to make money. yes, it's a great bonus, but the idea is to help others. 
The company is based on faith principles. It started for pastor's wives and stay at home mom's. 
Premier wanted others to feel a part of something.  To make a difference and to change lives. 

I got into Premier because I thought it would be a great way to learn my own business. Experience the ups and downs, budget, figure out the motivation and idea of making money. 
I also got in because at the time Max was supposed to be getting a very expensive surgery..while I didn't make all the money right away, I don't regret anything about it.  
While I wish I could dedicate more time, and advance further in the business, I love the people I've been able to meet and build relationships with. 

I have an amazing Premier mom and the family of our training group is awesome!! 

It's a really incredible company and I pray that I can do more, change more, grow more, and connect more in the future. 

Trainings are sometimes the best part of the business :) I am very grateful for these women and the motivation and strength they give to everyone every time we meet, to every life they touch. 

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