Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's OK Thursday

IT'S OK...

  • that I'm writing this Thursday night and there is a good possibility you won't read it until Friday..
  • that I haven't seen matthew in almost 2 weeks :( But we have a date night tomorrow!!
  • that I have worked every single night this week... 
  • that I have come to the realization that I might have to put running the full marathon off till next fall, instead of spring, and just run a half...thanks mom! I would have gone crazy trying to train for a full, planning a wedding, and working like crazy. I'll be lucky enough to have time to train for the half! 
  • that I've barely thought about Christmas and it's in less than a month! :/
  • that I haven't been putting the time into training Gizmo with the basics of sit and stay. Oh yeah, and telling me when he has to pee!
  • that I have been in crazy organization mode lately :) Love it!
  • that I haven't thought about a dress for my company Christmas party! Gotta get on it!
  • that I am almost a bit TOO excited about Thanksgiving with my parents, sister's fam, and Matthew! ;) So glad it worked out!
  • that i haven't seen my Monkey in almost 2 months!! :( Makes me so sad. He's growing up and I'm missing it!!
  • that the wedding guest list is a bit out of hand! Need to scale it back a bit

SO glad tomorrow is Friday! Even though the weekend is looking just as busy! 

Peace lovelies! 

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