Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DC Recap

OK, so basically I cannot wait till Molly lives in Louisville again and I can se her on a more regular basis.
This visiting every school and city she's lived in, is great and all, but I need her in my life more often :)
So, Friday morning, my poor dad got up at the crack of dawn for me ( we left at 5:30), after getting in at 1:30 am himself, from a vacation.
He's pretty awesome like that.
So, I flew down to Atlanta first...cause you always go south to go north.

When I finally got into DC, we headed to M street to walk around and get some lunch and stop in some shops :) 
We headed to her apartment, changed and headed back out to meet her friend Katie for dinner :) 
First off, I was horrible picture taker this weekend...oops. 
Molly lives in a gorgeous one bedroom apartment.
5th floor, in an old hotel :) So awesome right?!?! 
And she's such a cute homemaker/decorator, which means it's adorable. 
Back to our trip...
We headed to meet Katie at this adorable little italian restaurant, had some salad, pizza and drinks and meet up with a Ghost Tour!
Not your ordinary ghost tour. This was not a ghost 'hunt', this was a ghost/history/story tour, and that was a-ok with us!
They take you all around DC, well within a good couple mile walking radius, but whatever.
They show you tons of old houses and buildings with old presidents and historical figures in the area. 
Many had hauntings and murders/weird disturbances, so of course I was all ears.
The ending was where they filmed The Exorcist! SAWEET
I love that movie. So creepy!
And here are the stairs that someone was 'thrown' down. 
They are STEEP!! Wowza

Saturday we got up early, cause we're awesome and I always do on weekends anyways lol
Molly had some work to get done, so I chilled out and caught up on all my shows! 
We have the same taste in TV, so it's pretty funny she already had everything taped or saved. 
She's my twin. 
We tried heading to a walking monument/museum tour that afternoon, but when we showed up, no one was there and we waited a good minute and looked for the tour, but needless to say, didn't find them.
So we just took our own little walking tour :) 
IT was freezing anyway, so it was fine with me. 

That's the White house in the background ;) 

We worked up an appetite, got some Starbucks and headed to meet an old friend from high school for a late lunch :) 
We've both known Ryan since high school and keep in touch randomly, but he now lives in DC with his wife Stephanie and they were free, so it was perfect timing! 
We spent a couple hours with then, which was awesome! 
Then headed back towards Molly's place to meet up with her friend Ellen.
She works at a sports bar so we had a couple drinks and chatted with her ;) 

Saturday night was in fairly early, so Molls could finish her paper and we snacked and watched movies! Love it! 

We got up Sunday, and like good little Christians, headed to Church! At a Cathedral. 
We skipped out early though; sorry God! 
And headed to a Metro Cooking Festival in downtown DC. 
Molly was awesome and got a sweet living social deal for cheap!
We got into the convention as well as a beer and wine tasting :) 

This equals two happy girls!! 

And that pretty much started our drinking 'day' :) 
Of course we took food breaks. Duh! What's drinking without food? 
So we headed home that late afternoon to watch Magic Mike! 

OK ladies. Clearly, I had to see this movie because hello, it's called Magic Mike and has amazing dancing men. Well, Channing Tatum and that's enough for me! :)
But, disappointing lol Sorry, only good thing is Channing. 
Story line? Yeah, it has one and it was decent, but I was surprised how dirty Matthew M was?! lol
He can be creepy in general, but this movie topped it! 

After Magic Mike? Once Upon a Time, Revenge, talking, eating, drinking ;) 

Needless to say it was an amazing final night! and I was totally bummed to have to leave already on Monday :( 

Love this girl and cannot wait for more girls nights ;) 

She's a freaking rock star and I am so incredibly proud of her! 
I have absolutely amazing friends and am so blessed, it's not even fair. 

Thank you God!!

And thanks Molls for such a great weekend! So grateful for you!!! Love you doll! 

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