Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What do you do when.....

Your fiance's ex, invites herself to your wedding???

Yupp! True story.
You really can't make this stuff up!

So, she started out by texting some silly story of something Nevaeh had said.
Then asked the date of our wedding, no worries.
Then proceeded to ask to come.
Why? Well, she's never seen Nevaeh in a wedding, as a flower girl, and may not be able to.

Hmm, last time I checked, my job wasn't to fulfill her dreams.
And last time I checked, she recently got married and had AMPLE opportunity to have her own daughter in her wedding.
Did she? Nah, she got married "on a whim". And now thinks that it's Matthew and I's responsibility to invite her to our wedding to see Nevaeh as the flower girl....
Guess what? Not my problem.

I may sound a bit harsh, but she is not welcome at my wedding.
And she has absolutely, positively, NO right to even ask or assume that would be OK.
She is difficult to get along with and is only happy when it's her way.
I want nothing to do with an ex at our wedding.

That day is for me and Matthew and I don't want anything there to ruin the day.
She will do that, if she is there.

It is just hilarious that she even had the balls to ask, right?! LOL

Matthew was dying laughing at the fact she thought that would be ok.

OH, and then had the nerve to get MAD at him!! haha she called and got all WHY?!?!
AND then asked again the next day.

Wowza...NOT gonna happen.

Just had to share a pretty funny story with you all. I am sure that's not the last time she'll ask, but the answer isn't going to change.

We'll send you a picture. That's all you're getting. And believe me, it won't be a top priority, so you'll get it when you get it. :)


This week is new boss, new phone system, planning for a show this weekend, cleaning, laundry, Church, dogs, Matthew, the attempt at wedding I had a mini mental, stressed out, breakdown last night.

Now, go laugh at my fun little story and mental breakdown.

I'm off to another crazy day at work and willing longer hours in a day to get things done...


Robin said...

Whaaaaat?? It what world is that normal? You are so right to say no! Who wants to be thinking about an ex while they're getting married??

All At Once said...

WhaT!?!? Is she crazy?? lol... Oh boy! sounds like she is having trouble letting go...