Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Strengths Finder

My new boss had me do this strengths finder test.
It goes through your strength as a person, analyzing the ins and outs of YOU.

There are 5, that they describe as your themes.
It's not a personality test per se, but it allows you to see where you excel. Why you do certain things, act certain ways and how to use that to your best ability.
Recognizing yours and others helps understand why you react or act in certain situations.
The book is by Tom Rath.  And you have to buy the book to get the code to take the test. of those. But, totally worth it.
This was an awesome exercise, so if you wanted to know more about me, and even if you don't, humor me :) It'll be fun, I promise! lol

- My commentary is at the end of each theme

Ok, here goes:
My 5 themes are:

- Relator
- Empathy
- Input
- Developer
- Discipline

Relator - Enjoy close relationships with others and find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.
Some basic descriptors from the book:
* welcome questions or concerns voiced by people
* people seek you out because your insights are helpful
* you may notice people turn to you for guidance
* because of your strengths, you may be determined to share some of your knowledge, skills, or experiences with people.
* it's very likely that you consistently measure up to your high expectations when working, studying, or playing.

(OK, so this is so true! I am way more prone to have close relationships with friends/family/coworkers, than have this huge social crowd that I love in.)

Empathy - Can sense the feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others' lives or others' situations.
Some basic descriptors from the book:
* feel honored when someone you know personally says you are a friend who is worthy of trust
* Perhaps you have a gift for understanding what individuals are experiencing
* you make a point of knowing particular people as individuals
* you spontaneously tune in to what individuals are thinking and feeling minute by minute

(This is a huge one. I take a lot from my intuition, but at the same time, I read that as empathy a lot. I see others feelings for face value, and usually before they are voiced. I guess I just have a good sense of it, but I thrive on knowing WHO people are. I love learning more and figuring out how they tick and why)

Input - Have a craving to know more. Often like to collect and archive all kinds of information
* You enjoy reading as long as you can savor each sentence and consider each idea
* It's likely that you sometimes lift the veil of mystery from certain types of intricate procedures
* You may interpret and straightforwardly outline ideas, processes, or projects that some people have difficulty understanding

(I LOVE reading. I love getting lost of a book, the ideas, and relating to it. I know this will sound funny to some, but I tend to se the 'down to earth' realizations. I am a huge realist. Don't ask me some facts about history, or to remember the periodic table.  Ask me how it relates to live. Ask me how that information will eventually help someone in the future.  I love to analyze and understand why things are they way they are and make them simpler to comprehend for most)

Developer - Recognize and cultivate the potential in others. Spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements
* Value financial security but not think about it as much as some people do
* you measure the quality of your life in less tangible but more meaningful ways
* you place a higher priority on spending time with family and friends than working overtime to make extra money
* By nature you devote yourself to helping others - sometimes to your own detriment
* you may concede that monetary rewards, though important, are not a substitute for feeling content with your life

(OK, so Matthew actually laughed at this when I read it to him, because my dad always says that I have a champaign appetite on a beer budget lol I was raised comfortably. Not rich, not snobby, not totally and completely spoiled.  I learned the value of a dollar early on, but I've always been able to do the things I wanted without a whole lot of stress.  What is stated above rings true though and I think people that know me, know this.  Yes, financial security is great.  I don't want to worry about another meal or if we have somewhere to live, but no one does.  And this is simply stating that I tend to put value more on relationships and others. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if I had a 5 star meal or a pizza at home with friends.  The value weighs more on the pizza at home with friends.  It's me. It's real. It's honest and true. I was not raised to believe that money buys happiness. I was raised in a family that cared about me and put my best interests first, growing me into someone who can go forth and spread that knowledge and love with those around me and my future family) 

Discipline - Enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.
* you sometimes discover ways to make people's daily chores easier to perform.
* by nature, you might diligently apply yourself to organizing schedules, projects, or action plans.
* Perhaps the anticipation of an event delights you more than the activity itself.
* Your structures plans represent forethought and preparation
* Instinctively, you may enjoy hearing people describe you as more serious than some of your colleagues, classmates, teammates, friends, or coworkers.

(I actually laugh at this one. lol because if you know me, know me?! You know routine is my best friend. I love knowing what is coming next and what will be around the corner. I love my mornings of coffee or blogging, reading, working, catching up on TV, or whatever.  It's MY time, but I know I have it.  I thrive on scheduling what the next week will hold, making sure everyone's needs are met. I pay $50 a year for a 'life planner' that keeps me sane and organized every day. 

So, I encourage you to go out and try this. Take a free test online or buy the book. It will help others understand you and why you do the things you do. How you handle yourself in certain situations, and all around, what makes you, you :) It's interesting and it's fun.
I've take so many different personality tests in my life, but this one was just a bit different and I love that.
They all tell the same story and I welcome that because I know I'm being genuine.


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