Monday, October 22, 2012

Life as of late

Uhh.... Feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
Actually feel guilty writing this post right now...
True story.
I've spent all night, cleaning, laundry, closing jewelry shows, wedding guest list and making other lists and talking to Matthew on his way home.
LIfe right now?
I'm a little stressed out and it's EARLY in the wedding planning! haha
Wanna know a big reason I'm a bit on edge?

I haven't been able to work out or run in probably 2 months. It's been so sporadic that it's not even noteworthy. And that my friends is no bueno
Running and workouts is how I let off steam.
How I make myself feel better, how I get that time for 'me'!

So, my mission this week, is to write out a schedule. Whether it be getting up before work or certain weeknights dedicated to 30 minute runs/ hour yoga, or whatever.

It has to happen.

Any good ideas? Any good workouts?

My goal is a full marathon in April of 2013. So, I don't have to have strict running training right now, but i"d like to at least get 3 days a week in...

I usually follow schedules online for training, so I might head that direction, but I would like to milk up some cross training while I still can be flexible with it.

So, here is to running, toning, and all around feeling better!
This girl feels like a bump on a log! And wouldn't you know, the less I work out, the hungrier I am!
Chew on that one for a minute!! lol


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