Saturday, October 20, 2012

Green Bay, Suamico, Sobeiski, OH MY!

WARNING: Picture overload :)

Thankfully, the first city stated, gives away the state I was in this past weekend ;)

So, in case you missed this post..I was up in the Green Bay, WI area, this past weekend! 
One of my best friends/sister/cousin/family, got married and it was amazing!

Matthew, Chelsie, and I headed out bright and early Thursday morning!!
Heading through Louisville, Chicago, and Milwaukee, all the way up to Sobeiski, where Kelly and Mitch live.
A BEAUTIFUL house...P.S.

First off, she did almost everything herself. Down to the programs and decorations for the Church. 
She glued and stamped and decorated and I can't even explain how awesome she is. 
And crafty, mind you. 
She takes after her mother. True story...

So, we got up to Sobeiski, WI, early Thursday, had some chili and headed to Shopko for some Green Bay Packer gear! Oh, and holiday decorations. Duh!

Friday was up and at it chillin out, getting ready for Saturday. 
We headed out and went to get our nails and toes done...

 having a fantastic time watching my sister freak out and crack up at the tickling of her feet! 
Seriously, she is ridiculously ticklish on her feet and watching her get a pedicure is one of the funniest things like ever. 

We headed to the hotel to check in and get ready for the rehearsal dinner later that night. pics. I totally forgot. 
But, we did get to hang out with Kelly's aunt! Who looks, talks, acts, reminds me, so much of Kelly's mom and it is an amazing blessing. 
She is a such a beautiful woman in herself and has the spirit of an angel. 

It was early to bed Friday for early morning Saturday.
My sister and I headed to Kelly's house for make-up and hair. 

I ended up doing all the girls make-up, but Kelly, and I did my own hair as well. Gotta some some mula somewhere! lol 
 Plus, I'm anal lol and it just made sense. 
I wasn't going to pay for something I knew I probably wasn't going to like. 
Nothing at all against hair dressers, I'm just weird :) 

Chels, being silly on our way to Kelly's!

The two Tiffany's! In front, is Tiffany G, the maid of honor, 
 and in back if Tiffany C, the sister in-law :) 

Cindy, the aunt! :) 
and the gorgeous bride! 

Ummm, the cutest ring bearer, like ever...second to Lucas, of course :) lol

 Getting laced up!!

 Gorgeous hair and veil!

Flower girl!The neice :)

And the beautiful bride :) 

The day was rainy... ALLLLLL day. But, that (supposedly) means good luck and thankfully, everything went perfectly!

It was a beautiful wedding, followed by an amazing reception. I think I missed a lot of good photo opportunities, but had more fun than I could explain :) This girl is family and now, so is Mitch. 

She did an amazing job with the entire wedding and I loved every minute! 

So, I'll just go forth and post a ton of pics with some explanations where necessary!

Beautiful bride and groom! 

Groomsmen :)


Chelsie and I :)

awwww My momma 

The only decent pic of Matthew and I, the entire weekend! lol Oops...

Kelly's brother Josh!

Josh and his wife Tiffany, bridesmaid

From Left: my sis, Chels, Jamie, bridesmaid, Tiffany, MOH, me

My momma and Kelly :) Family...seriously 

Because we are awesome

Family!! :) 

A pic of Kelly's mom on her bouquet...This made me tear up...miss her like crazy

Bride's aunt, on her mom's side ;) She reminds me so much of her mom! I love it. Very special souls in that family!

Like sisters from another motha! lol They are adorable together

A toast to Kelly's mom, Beth...There in spirt the whole day!

The lovely bride and groom :)

They did cheesecake! instead of cake, cake!

Father daughter dance.

I even got Matthew out on the dance floor!! :)

Lovey and me :) After a sweaty, dance filled night! lol

I think we finally ended up leaving around midnight? lol Party animals I say! 

Sunday was up bright and early to head home! To a rainy car ride for like 4 hours. lol 
Matthew slept and Chels and I jammed to oldies but goodies. 

All in all an amazing weekend!! 

Thank you Kelly and Mitch!!! Love you all and so happy for you! 
Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!!

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