Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

I'm Lovin...

- that I'm almost 2 weeks engaged :)

- that I got to see my nephew so much lately!

- that Lucas is ONE!!! And he rock stared his party this past weekend!

- that Matthew is just as excited about planning the wedding as I am!! Well, maybe not AS MUCH as I am lol

- that work hasn't been super crazy lately, so I can relax a bit. And my new boss starts in October!!

- that Gizmo is growing so fast!! He's turning into a sweet little boy!

- that all the fall shows are starting at the end of the month!!

- that Kelly and Mitch get married in just over a month!!

- that my boys are getting along ;)

- that I found some delicious new recipes on Pinterest that Matt and I are starting to try when we are together

- that the weather is FINALLY starting to change a bit and I no longer want to move to Alaska

- that I'm running again.  Wahoo!! See ya lbs and welcome toning again :)

- our engagement pictures!! Thank you Kyle and Whitney!!

- that my dress for Kelly's wedding fits so good and all I need is to get it hemmed!

What are you lovin??

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