Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's definitely been a busy week.
Which means, little blogging time.
Which means, sad Ashley.
Which means, no content.

SO, today you get some it's OK's while I get some drafts ready for you all!

It's OK......

- that I said up past 11 last night to watch the finale of Big Brother! :)

- I'm a bit addicted to the new Honey Boo, Boo show.

- that I'm stressin about money, like crazy, cause I just paid off a few things and insurance and everything hit in one month.

- that I am actually going to sit down and make a budget and save more than I am

- that I am seriously contemplating asking a day off just to get stuff done! lol

- that I am super pumped to start redoing my second bathroom

- that I am going to start Christmas shopping in the next few weeks. - I said it!

- that I started running again last week, and have been too busy since... Must write out schedule

- I dont think I have any good winter clothing, yet I Have like a full closet haha

- I want to start getting my nails done again

- It's time to get a few spray tans before the wedding in October

- I can't wait till girls night tomorrow with some co-workers

- I CANNOT wait till Saturday to start dress shopping!!!!

- that I'm probably forgetting a lot of It's OK's, but I gotta go!

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