Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday

IT'S OK....

- that I was ready for Friday before I got to work on Monday...

- that I already can't wait to dress shop and we don't even have a solid date lol

- that I feel the need to get a whole new winter wardrobe.  Key would FEEL the need...this girl won't be spending a whole lot anymore

- that I've turn my air down a lot lately, just so I can officially wear a hoody or blanket :) lol Come on cold weather!!

- that I am praying for a day of NOTHING, but my pj's, Friends marathon, coffee, delicious food/snacking, blogging, and Pinterest...

- that I've painted my toes polka dots the past few weeks :) Child at heart

- that I have been hitting the snooze button, way too often, this past week

- that I am at my wits end with Gizmo having accidents in the house.  Some days are so good!! And others I feel like I'm back at square one...

- that I'm absolutely amazed my other people's lives LOL watching too much reality TV! Found a new show, Breaking Amish and I'm obsessed. SO interesting... Different cultures are incredible

What are your It's OK's?!?!

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