Friday, September 21, 2012

In My Opinion

So, I was over HERE at Living in Yellow, and she is linking up for In My Opinion.
She's amazeballs...In my opinion :)
AND she chose wisely to do this link up. I love me some link ups!
Takes the pressure off a bit when I can't think of anything...and since this week seems to be the week of nothing to write about, a link up fits just perfect, right?
At least that's my opinion :)

Wanna know my other opinions?
Well even if you don't you're gonna hear them, unless you leave and then you won't, but I bet you'll be back cause you're just itching to know.
True story.
Some opinions are great! Some, not so much, and other's well, you just wonder what was going through their minds...

Here goes!

In my opinion...

1. Some dogs should always stay puppies...

2. Yet, said puppies should always be potty trained

3. Politics are a crock. That's right, I said a crock! No one can actually say and DO what they say.

4. Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft to be exact, is one of the best meals EVER

5. Ketchup can go on most things

6. TGIF should totally come back - best idea ever

7. Friends is, hands down, the most amazing show in the entire world

8. No such thing as watching too much Friends

9. The ocean / beach / sunsets, are the most incredible amazing and peaceful creations

10. There should be more hours in a day, but not for working...

11. There is such a thing as too much texting

12. Music is an incredible tool to express emotions and remember and capture parts of life

13.  Cute and adorable clothes, cost entirely too much

14. Red wine - pinot and cabernet to be exact - can cure most things

15. There should be a magic power that allows us to trade places and transport quickly

16. Sweets like, funfetti cupcakes, cream chese frosting, cheesecake, fudge, pumpkin, rice krispy treats, and numerous other deliciousness, should not have calories. True story.

17. Life is hard, but that's all part of the fun, right?

18. God won't put you through anything He doesn't think you can handle.

19. Parents can be amazing friends as adults

20. You're never too old to still want your mommy and daddy :)

21. You're also never too old to still have your blankie :) #Don'tJudge

22. Best friends should be required to live within 3 miles of each other. SOOO, Kass, Molls, Tina, Rach, Beck, Kelly....get on it ladies!!!! Louisville is a pretty place!!

23. Nail Polish should never chip

24. There should be a pill to have your hair grow overnight

25. Infants should never be sick - they can't tell you what's wrong :/

26. Girls should not be born with leg hair. We shave it off anyway! What's the dealio??

27. Because I'm 27, I'm giving you 27 of my opinion.

There ya have it! Some random, random, ridiculous, silly, real, opinions!
Take them as you wish.
Laters lovers!

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