Tuesday, September 25, 2012


OH, Hi there!
Remember me?! No? huh... yeah, I wouldn't either.
What have I been up to?
Well...I did get engaged a month or so ago and apparently weddings take a lot of planning?
Yeah, I was a bit surprised by that too...
So, Matthew and I decided to check out the Muhammad Ali Center for the reception!
WaHoo! It was available! Or rather, we were available for when the center was available.
You keeping up?
That top floor of windows, is where we'll be :)

So, today it was confirmed! Contract signed and deposit made!
That was the first 'real' money spent! Feels a little crazy! and Real!! hehe
So, my sister was able to come in town this past weekend so we could start dress shopping!!
AHHH, so I've always had this picture in my head...I know, what's up with that?
It's like I'm a girlie girl or something.
Any who, we headed to 3 different boutiques and of course I find one in the beginning that we kept going back to and comparing everything too.
I can't show pics because it'll be the one time Matthew reads my blog and that would be tragic...
So, you don't get to see till the day. #sorryimnotsorry

But, I did find bridesmaid dresses! Holla!! easiest decision EVER lol
Let's hope the rest of the planning goes that smooth! #fatchance

Between meetings at Church, working on shows for Premier, that full time job thing I have, wedding stuff figured out, well, there are a million other things that still need to be done.
And I don't have much vacation to spare.
Basically, I might go crazy bridezilla before it all ends. But we knew that would happen anyway, right?
Lord, I hope not! ;) Everyone involved?! I love you :) :)

My parents are headed out for vacation after vacation in the next 3 months, so a few things I wanted to get done when they were here and my mom could be with me dress shopping.

OH, and I've also been trying to train this little pi$$er.

Yeah, he looks all sweet and adorable and "wasn't me!", but he's totally laughing on the inside. I can feel it... Little turd.
It's a good thing I love him and can't resist his ridiculously adorable face and kisses!!

Oh, and he sleeps like a cat at the top of my head...not sure how long I'm gonna let that slide.
I'll give it a few days, or a 2 weeks....yeah, he's probably going to be allowed to sleep there forever.
Wow, I'm whipped as a dog owner.
Kind of sad...

OK, it's time for my nightly glass of wine and TV/Pinterest/work/puppy time.
Just kidding on the nightly wine...sort of :)

Peace out lovelies!

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