Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Monkey

Dear Monkey,

Today you turn 1. ONE.
This past year has flown by and I don't even know where most of it went!
I think the longest I went without seeing you was maybe 5 weeks and it was a LONG 5 weeks!
You bring more joy to those that love you, than you will ever be able to understand.
Your smile lights up a room in an instant and your personality shines.
You are persistent and stubborn, silly and tenderhearted.
You adore your mommy and daddy and I love that.
You could pick your grandpa 'no, no' out of a line up anywhere, and you make your grammies heart melt.
You know what you want and when you want it and you want it when you want it.
You find joy in the smallest things, and I hope that never changes.
Your momma loves you more than I ever thought possible and your daddy is so proud of you already.
You seem to learn something new every, single, day.
You ask a million questions, while only know a few words, and mumbling them at best :) lol
You love being active and can't sit still for nothing. It's who you are.
You love to take things apart and look inside and figure out why they work how they work.
You will eat almost anything put in front of you and your adorable chubby legs show it.
You have more people loving you, watching you, praying for you, hoping and enjoying you, than so many kids in this world and I know one day you'll see that and feel so incredibly blessed.
Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind and a huge smile crosses my face.
I will forever remember the moment I got the phone call from your daddy.  I think I hung up on him a couple times...it was 2:30 AM! I was sleeeping!
And the moment I saw your grammy at the gas station... :)
And the drive down...
And hugging your grammy when she came to tell us you were here...
And the moment I got to see your beautiful face...
I cannot wait to watch you grow another year.
You have so much more to learn and experience and I love being able to be a part of it all.

I love you my little monkey!

Happy Birthday!!!

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All At Once said...

What a sweet little birthday tribute. Happy birthday Cutie!!