Monday, September 10, 2012

August 30, 2012

The day my life changed...for the better ;)

So, I've always told Matthew that he's horrible at surprises. He can't hold them in, and usually ends up spoiling them before the can be executed.  He gave me my birthday present a week early because he couldn't wait. lol
So, therefore, I'd always told him I would know when he's going to propose because he's bound to be ubber nervous and anxious, fidgety, and just off. Well, my applauds to him this time because he got me! 
I had absolutely, positively, NO clue. And he was dropping little hints all night too! And asking questions about the restaurant and talking about marriage, which we randomly talk about, so it wasn't that off. But still!! So, here goes the story :) Well done my dear!! 
Matthew planned a date night for us. Something we used to do a lot, but have just gotten really busy with work and other commitments lately, so it was nice to be abel to spend a night with no obligations or worries. He had, supposedly, been working late all week, so I was bummed that we might have to cancel the night. But, thankfully, he said he told his boss he hadn't seen me in a long time and would really like to be able to get off work early just that one day.  Clearly, his boss said, of course, because he already knew what was going to happen.  Turns out Matthew didn't have to work late at all that week and had been planning this night the entire time. :) 
He wanted to surprise me with where we were going :) So, I had no idea until we were on our way. *still had no clue*.  Our best friends wedding we were both in, had their rehearsal dinner at Captains Quarters, and that was where we met for the first time. 
Once I figured out where we were going, Matthew said he just wanted it to be a nice night out, since we hadn't had much time together and he htought this would be fun place to go back to and enjoy. It was a beautiful night and a perfect place to go. *still no idea* 
We had dinner outside, which was a perfect night, for sure. My dinner was delicious! At least I thought. lol Matthew wasn't too fond of his prime rib. Oh well, don't think he really cared about that part too much!

 After dinner we walked around on the river a bit and he asked if I wanted to go tour this big boat they had at the dock.  The restaurant owns it and apparently rents it out for whatever. It's a huge dinner boat, I believe.  Thinking he was crazy, lol, I said we can't go on there! To which he responds, when I went to the bathroom earlier, I asked the manager if we could just look at it and see what it was.  haha *still no idea* 
We went on the boat, so pretty, and just watched the sunset and just looked around. As we were leaving, Matthew said we should go to the front of the boat and do 'the Titanic". lol Thinking he was a dork, but secretly thinking it'd be hilarious and fun, I went along with it. As we got to the front of the boat, He started saying something (it'll come to me one day, I was just in total shock of it all!!), and started to get down on one knee.  Now, Matthew has done the silly fake proposal before, so my first reaction was just to laugh and blow it off, but as he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him, I couldn't have been happier :) 

As we began walking off the boat and leaving the restaurant, he had explained to me all the planning and people that were involved and the last surprise was that my best friend's brother was there taking pictures the entire time!!! How precious is that?!?!

I couldn't believe he had thought of that :)

Now begins the planning and FUN of it all! lol Dresses, flowers, venues, dates, gifts, showers, stress! lol

Wish us luck!!

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Robin said...

Oh my gosh congratulations!!! So sweet of him! I can't wait to read about the wedding planning :)