Sunday, August 19, 2012

What, What

You all, I feel like I have been go, go, go this week! I had 3 meetings in one night! lol I was late to one, had to leave another early to get to the last's just been that kind of day! WOWza. And with trying to train a new puppy and work and clean house and laundry, and dishes? I'm seriously a bit exhausted!
OH yeah, and throw getting sick in the mix and it's be a fantastic week! lol
Friday, my friend, Jill, from work, organized a girls night out!
We headed to Beef O'Brady's for dinner and out to More Shenanigan's for what we thought would be karaoke.
Dinner was good, the bar was pretty good too. A few of the girls left early, and Crystal came and met us out, so it ended with me, Jill, and Crystal, and then Crystal's husband Rodney showed up about 11:30.
That's where it got a little crazy! lol Crystal had just sang, Jill drove me, and Rodney wanted to do shots. Meaning, this girl, had already had 2 or 3 rum and diets, and DUH shots sounded like an amazing idea! And let me tell you, they were. lol It was just nice to get out, not worry about anything and have fun with some girlfriends.
Crystal sang her little heart out and I told her I'm calling her in the middle of the night when I can't sleep! ha she's THAT good :)
I was hurting a little Saturday. Didn't get to bed till 1, and was up with dogs at like 6:45, so it took me till like 11 to really wake up lol I'm am not into drinking and going out a lot, so it made me feel old! ha
All in all, such a great time with those two girls!
We had an amazing time watching this chick in a visor singing to two different guys. It seemed as though a whole group of folks come to that bar every weekend, or night, whichever they chose.
I could not get any good pics, sorry. She's there somewhere, I think sitting right now, probably deciding what to sing next. She was classic...
AND then some guy, seriously older than 50, at least, bought me a drink. CREEPY. Seriously, Crystal and I were having a great conversation and he just stops by and puts a drink down and say something like, here you go honey... I said thanks, I think, but was totally taken off guard and ridiculously creeped out. I did not drink it, needless to say, but he did keep checking to see if I would. I guess I felt bad, but only for about a second. 

SO, Saturday, I saw Matt and Nevaeh, we decided to go to the fair! WOO-HOO. People watching galore!!!! Yeah, I made him take a wrong turn, Oops! And it took us an hour of sitting in traffic to get in. :( But, once we were in, it was good! 
So, I haven't been to the state fair in YEARS. No joke. And I am completely naive as to how much it costs. They make you pay $8 to park, PARK, and then $10 a person to get in! Just to get in and park, we, well Matthew lol, paid $28! I think they let Nevaeh slide in for free :) Thanks dudes...
Then, you have to buy tickets for the rides and stuff. 

 Notice Matthew on the inside here? Yeah, the seat was a little snug. The guy came through to check the belts and he was like, uhh, yeah, you need to switch haha The seats on the outside were much more 'roomie' lol So, he was a happy camper after he swapped. 

You all! ONE ticket was $1.25! and the rides required at least 2 tickets for some of the kids rides! It cost like $15 just to ride the ferris wheel! 
I texted my mom and told her I had a way new found respect for her and my dad and having two kids to pay for stuff, cause we used to go to that stuff a lot and or amusement parks, and vacations. It is so expensive! We only had Nevaeh and I was worried about how much money we were spending lol 
Definitely worth it ;) It was a lot of fun. Nevaeh really loved some of the rides. 

 AND this was her favorite ride. No joke. The care just went around in circles. And circles. And circles. AND circles...She had a few tickets left for one more ride and she chose this one AGAIN! lol
Whatever floats her little boat.

By today, I was a little tired. I still have a stuffy nose and been coughing a little bit, so I decided not to sing at Church but, I still went. It was wonderful, I came home and worked for a bit :/ took a short nap and Matt came over after dropping Nevaeh off with her mom. We had some pizza and met my parents for ice cream at Graeter's! DELICIOUS! And now, I am still a bit exhausted, not gonna lie. 
This post is probably pretty boresville and my apologies. Hopefully this week will be better.

And Friday, my sis, mom, and I head up to Milwaukee, for a bridal shower! Cannot wait!! So excited! :) 

Oh and P.S., I have not been feeding my puppy enough, He was asleep in his dish earlier! haha Poor baby!! :(

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