Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday

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It's OK...

- that I have procrastinated a couple things this week 

- that I am completely overpacking for this trip this weekend ;)

- that I think Gizmo may never be potty trained!!! :/ My momma keeps telling me Max was the same way. I keep waiting for that day where it clicks for him

- that I need an entire day of straight reality TV watching to catch up on my DVR

- that I have eaten like a cow the past two weeks and have gained a couple lbs...Must get back to running regularly

- that I miss my girls and my fam like crazy lately. Must plan trip to see them soon!!

- that my nails look like garbage and I am too lazy to paint them today. 

- that I am pretty sure Max just laughs at me when Gizmo pees on the floor or does something he shouldn't. It's like he's saying, "told ya so. You brought him here". lol

- that I'm still questioning lightening my hair so much. I have such a fair complexion and I haven't been this blonde, since I was 8! lol 

- that Max loves Gizmo's food and Gizmo loves Max's food. Oy vey...

- that I am in dire need of a girls night...just chilling, eating, drinking, chick flicks, and girl talk 

- that I miss my little stinky nephew like crazy!! It's been two weeks? And it feels like forever! Can't wait to celebrate his birthday in a few weeks!

- that I feel like all I've done lately is work, work, Church, work, potty train, laundry, and eat. lol 

- that I need more time to read my books! I've started Gone Girl and so far so good :)

- that I secretly wish I was a ballet dancer. (mainly cause it's awesome and because I'm watching Dance mom's and it would be amazing to be a dancer)

What are your It's Ok's???

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