Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Driving and shaving just don't mix

Alright ladies, if you are easy to blush you better not read the article below.
I'm just sayin'. BUT, we all know I now have your attention and you totally want to know why I say you'd blush.
So, I now recommend, if you do read it, read it alone.
Let's be honest, you're gonna read it, wherever you are because I've totally built it up to have some juice in it.
That guy behind you in line is totally reading this over your shoulder and judging (the girl in the article, not you) Well, maybe you for reading it, but whatever, he's never going to remember you.
Unless he's super cute and in that case you should totally strike up that conversation.
This would be a great ice breaker! Do it!
Unless you are dating someone, are married, or attached in any way.
In that case, disregard said advice above and just read the article.

It's ridiculous.
And I mean, who hasn't shaved while driving, right? Hello!

All of you are wondering how the heck she did this.
I did. And it made me hurt all over. And then I wondered what happened when they crashed, cause razor blades and skin....yeah, you can create the image in your own mind.
I mean, she at least could have let her ex-husband drive! That would have made it a whole lot easier, and she probably still would have made the date. Let's be honest.
I'm sure she was just so excited she wasn't thinking clearly. Yeah, let's go with that one!
Not that fact that she's 'not thought clearly' for a while now..

Bless her heart.

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